Oscar – Rainbow Bridge


Little is known of Oscar, the full sized Black and Tan dachshund/min pin’s beginnings. He was likely purchased through a puppy mill. Oscar had two homes before he met Tim and Sadie. Although his arrangement with Tim and Sadie was meant to be temporary, it only took 12 hours for Tim to declare that Oscar “is home”. Others would remark that Oscar was lucky to have Tim and Sadie, but they knew that they were “the lucky ones”

Despite the discovery of juvenile epilepsy over the next two years, he continued to thrive. An affectionate, determined, food focused dog who loved to walk, and socialize with other dogs and forever loved to cuddle with his family and others! He loved rides in the car and especially trips to the lake! Then the day came when Oscar became quite suddenly ill and continued to worsen, the couple was forced to make the painful and heartbreaking decision to alleviate his suffering and put him down. He died in Tim’s arms, gently going to sleep, surrounded by his forever family. He will be greatly missed. Tim and Sadie still say they were the lucky ones to have had him in their lives.