Our Surrender Process

Canadian Dachshund Rescue (Ontario) (CDRO) is an organization that rescues dachshunds in Ontario, but will also accept dogs from Quebec and the United States, space permitting.  We are fortunate to have an extensive network of volunteers across the province that facilitates the rescue and transportation of the dogs.  Occasionally, an owner surrendering a dog or an adopter may be asked to participate in the transportation of the dog, in order to delivery it to an available volunteer in a particular area.

When a dog comes into our care, it is placed in a foster home to assess its behaviour and health.  The dog will be examined by a veterinarian, and CDRO will assume responsibility for any vetting required, including vaccinations, micro chipping, heartworm testing, spay/neutering etc.  We do ask for a surrender fee of $50 that will be put towards the care of the animal, however if this puts the owner in a difficult situation, the fee is waived in order to facilitate the surrender of the dog.

When an inquiry is made regarding the surrender of a dog, the owner will be provided with surrender form to be completed in its entirety.  It is a lengthy form because we want to know everything we can about the dog, in order to make the dog’s transition into foster care as easy as possible.  The more we know about the dog in question, the better we can match the needs of the dog to the foster home.  We will also request vetting information, regardless of when and where it was done, and we will ask that the veterinarian email it to us.  (In situations where the surrender form is too onerous, there is a simple release form that the owner can sign relinquishing all rights to the dog.)  Once all of the information is received, it is reviewed in detail, a suitable foster home is identified, and the intake of the dog is arranged.

When a dog arrives in our care, we assess the dog for a minimum of 7 days to get to know more about the dog.  If, for whatever reason, we feel that the dog requires a longer period of adjustment or assessment before being made available for adoption, we take that time.  We do all the necessary vetting, the foster home writes a biography of the dog, and we introduce the dog to our volunteers.  Typically we have several pre-approved adopters awaiting dogs.  These adopters have completed the application process, including a lengthy interview, a review of references and a home visit.  Our team of volunteers that processes these applications spends time with the approved adopters discussing which type of dog would be most suitable for their family situation and lifestyle.  These same volunteers review the biographies of the dogs and talk with the foster homes to see if there might be a match.  Once a good match is found, the dog is adopted, and a detailed contract is signed by the adopter in which they commit to ensuring that all vetting is kept up to date, and to returning the dog to CDRO if they are unable to keep the dog.  We have a very low return rate.