The Long and Short of It


Maddie - Adopted!

Name(s): Madeleine (Maddie) & Maxine (Max)
Age: Approx. 4 years

Size: 10 lbs

Coat: Black and Tan; Maddie is smooth, Max is longhair

Temperament: Bonded, cuddly, affectionate, inquisitive, bold

Good with Dogs: Yes, prefer smaller dogs

Good with Cats: No

Good with Kids: Older

Special Needs: None

Housetrained: Work in Progress

Suitable for an Apartment: No

Origin: Ontario Shelter

Adoption Fee: $500

A now a few words from us:

Good day everyone! Pleased to make your acquaintance. I’m Madeleine, (Maddie for short) and this is my bestest friend, Maxine (Max). We are a close-knit pair of black/tan mini dachshunds who are looking for our new home. I’m a slim girl myself, weighing in at approx. 10 lbs; and Max has beautiful shiny fur like myself, only a little bit longer. She doesn’t weigh much more than myself though. We had an unfortunate incident happen in our lives, but CDR came to our rescue and now we are just waiting to be taken home with you!

I’ll let you know a little about us. We are both approx. 4 yrs of age, we stick together like glue and are both very loving and cuddly little girls. We are currently staying in a foster home with another mini doxie, he’s pretty cool, and there’s also a beagle who we are learning to get along with, you know how us dachshunds feel about other breeds. We’ve seen a cat, and I have tried to catch her! So, maybe our new home should only be dog-friendly.

We bark with excitement when foster Mom comes home. We just love all the attention and affection we get from her and miss it when she’s gone for a while. We will bark and howl when she leaves too, but we do settle down eventually and wait patiently for her return. Because we tend to bark at noises, perhaps we would do better in a house rather than an apartment.

We use the peepads that are put down for us, but sometimes have an accident in the house during the night. We’re sorry, but we’re working very hard to be 100% perfect at it. We use the doggy door as well to go out into the backyard to do our business. We just love going on our daily walk; foster Mom puts us on a double lead and we’ve got that mastered no problem!

We are a little hesitant around men although they have been nice to us since we came here, we’re still not completely sure about them. The same goes for young children; it may just take us some time to get used to them.

Please consider adopting us together….I like to look out for Max and I think she would like to stay with me wherever I go.

Nice to have met you and can’t wait to live with you!