The Long and Short of It


Daisy - Adopted!

Name: Daisy

Age: 4 years

Size: 15 lbs

Coat: Long, Red and White Double Dapple
Temperament: Friendly, intelligent, affectionate, cuddly
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes

Good with Kids: Yes, Older

Special Needs: Limited Vision, Hearing Impaired

Housetrained: Yes

Suitable for an Apartment: No
Origin: Owner surrender

Adoption Fee: $350

Hiya! My name is Daisy, you can also call me Crazy Daisy or Daisy Dukes. I am 4 years old and absolutely striking to look at. I am a red and white double dapple with marbling blue eyes. My vision isn’t great but I’m not blind – thank goodness since I am also hearing impaired. Don’t fret though, none of this stops me from going about my daily activities, in fact you’d never know it by watching me play and navigate my way around the house.

I currently weigh a healthy 15lbs of absolute dachshund perfection. I am super smart, and did I mention striking?! Oh, and I am crate trained for bedtime and fully housetrained, so you’d never have to worry about leaving me alone in the house while you work or sharing your bed with me at night. How great is that?!

I love to play tug of war and chase but I am also an olympic snuggler. I don’t mind kids but I need a home with older children due to my hearing impairments. Sometimes when people move too quickly it will startle me and I will bark and on the VERY rare occasion nip at the air. Please don’t take offence to this behaviour, I am not trying to scare you or bite anyone this is just my way of protecting myself since I am not always sure what is coming at me. I am a very good girl, who deserves a loving home and I know once I am comfortable and the humans around me get used to my “special abilities” this behaviour will not be an issue. I just need my new family to understand that being deaf requires a bit of creative training, like giving me a heads up before you reach to pet me while I am sleeping or cuddling on someone’s lap. This way I know you are coming and once I do I will be happy to receive your love and affection and more than willing to give it back.

I can be a vocal girl from time to time, especially if my foster brothers get me going, which means I am best suited to a home and not an apartment or condo. I also love making cute little dachshund noises to get your attention. My foster mom says it sounds like I am purring, but I am pretty sure doxies don’t purr. In my free time I prefer to hang out with you or to lie in a warm, cozy sunbeam

working on my tan. If I must go outside I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going for walks, in fact I go a little crazy when you are putting my harness on, hence my nickname Crazy Daisy. If I can’t go for a walk and can only go in the backyard I like to be speedy. Once I’ve done my business I am ready to head back in doors and back to my favourite spot on the couch or in your lap. I am truly a wonderful little lady

who is playful and full of life and love. I get along with other dogs but I would also do fine on my own. You are the centre of my world and as long as I get to spend my day enjoying your company I am a happy little dachshund.

If you need some snuggles in your life, I am your wiener! Just give me a chance and I know we can be happy together.