Stretch - Adopted!

Hiya, Stretch is my name and cuddles are my game! I bet you haven’t seen a wiener quite like me before. Don’t worry, you aren’t the first one. I’m what they call a shorthair, wirehair dachshund. I weigh 12 lbs. The vets guesses I am around 2 years old – maybe 3 years old. That sounds good to me! I certainly feel young.

I love people, especially people who love to play. I like other dogs but I’m not sure about cats. I’ve seen them on TV but never in real life. I feel the same way about the little humans – I think you call them kids. I think the safest thing is for me to be in home with another dog (as long as they love to play as much as me) and older children. I should also go to a house instead of an apartment or condo. What can I say – I like to bark!

My foster home is working on my housetraining. It is coming along if I do say so myself. I’m not foolproof but I am sure trying to learn. Walking on a leash doesn’t seem so hard either. I had a family before but I don’t think I tried these things with them. One thing is for certain though, if there was an award for best snuggler, I would win!

There is only one catch. I need an owner who know how to be the leader of the pack. I just can’t help it, if my life is lacking leadership, I try to take over. I don’t want though so please, for me, don’t let it happen.

If you are looking for a happy-go-lucky snugglebug, I am your man! Can’t wait to meet you,

Love Stretch