Shesa - Adopted!

Name(s): Shesa
Age: 9 years, born December 2006
Size (weight): 4.1 kg (just under 9 lbs)
Coat & colour: Black with red highlights
Temperament: Gentle, friendly, curious. Shesa has adapted well to our family, enjoying cuddles, belly rubs, and playing with my two miniature dachshunds. However, she will run if she gets a chance, and can slip between your feet near the door. She sleeps in crate at night, waking at 7 a.m. to be let out. She is doing well with her housebreaking, and understands that the grass is the place to go.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes, but curious of neighbourhood cats
Good with Kids: Older kids only. Kids that are not going to rough-house with her. Shesa is very petite.
Housetraining: Good when kept on a schedule. Very few accidents in the house.
Suitable for an Apartment: Yes
Origin: Puppy mill
Adoption Fee: $300

And now a few words from me:

For the first time in my life I am so happy and content! I have come from a breeder who offered me no love or attention. Sitting with my foster mom and dad is now my favourite thing. They give me cuddles, gentle pats, and they talk to me which I enjoy. I like being on a couch snuggling under a soft quilt or blanket. I am learning to play with my foster siblings. At first I didn’t know what toys and chew bones were, but I have learned that when the other dogs are done with the chew bone, I can go over to it and chew for a few minutes. I am also now used to going though doorways — they were scary at first. Sitting in the grass looking around at all the strange new things is wonderful. I don’t bark, but if I want attention I have a little squeal. I like eating and treats are special too. My coat is shiny and very soft now. I hope someone who loves cuddling will adopt me soon and welcome me into my forever home.

And now a few words from my foster family:

Shesa has adapted well to our family of two adults and two dachshunds very easily. She is relaxed, fun, and gentle. She has no aggressions or fears. As soon as she sees a vacant lap she assumes it is her duty to fill it. She sleeps well in her crate at night, waking at 7 a.m. to be taken out to the grass to do her business. In the morning I give her fresh water and a bit of kibble. Her main meal is at five o’clock. Shesa is not a barker, but lets out a little squeal to let us know when she wants attention. One caution is that she will slip outside between your feet so quickly, you will not see her go. We keep a light-weight leash on her all the times. Shesa loves to get into the big bed in the mornings, when given the chance. She is a delightful little girl.