Name(s): Chase
Age: 8 years old
Size (weight): 15 lbs.
Coat & colour: Short hair, black and tan
Temperament: Anxious, needs to have structure and a confident owner
Good with Dogs: Only Dachshunds and NOT big dogs
Good with Cats: Yes, but chases them occasionally, and will also snuggle with a cat and groom it
Good with Kids: Over 12 years old and with good dog manners
Needs another Dog: Yes, another Dachshund
Needs to be an only Dog: No
Housetraining: Good; very good as long as you make sure he goes out, otherwise he will use a pee pad.
Crate Trained: No, he is too anxious for a crate
Suitable for an Apartment: Possibly; barks with excitement when being fed and when people come to the door
Origin: Owner Surrender
Adoption Fee: $300.00

And now a few words from me:

Hi there. I’m Chase and I’m a happy boy when I’m in a safe and comfortable environment. I have some anxiety so I need a person who can help me with that. I have also discovered that I feel less anxious when there is another Dachshund in my family. I can’t be with a big dog because I tend to pick fights with them and that doesn’t usually end well for me. I do like car rides but am nervous at first. As long as my people make me feel safe I do quite well. I do enjoy going out for walks but I have been told that I don’t have the best leash manners when meeting other dogs. I am working on that. I love to cuddle on a pillow with my foster brother and sister Dachshunds or sometimes on the couch with my foster siblings and humans when watching TV, but never with the big dog. We don’t get along. I tend to get excited and jump up and down and bark while waiting to be fed. I even get so excited that I twirl around! That is the only time that I bark, unless I am protecting you when someone comes to the door (but I stop as soon as you tell me to). I’m really looking forward to finding my forever family.

And now a few words from my foster family:

Chase is a sweet guy who needs to have confident people around him. He likes to have routine. Chase does not like to go outside in the rain or snow, however if we carry him out to the middle of the yard he will do his business and make his way back. Chase follows his foster mom everywhere and has even started to do a little happy dance when he sees her. He gets pretty excited and is very sweet. Chase does not do well at all with big dogs. We never leave him and his lab/shepherd foster sister alone and make sure that there is respect between them. We would not recommend that he go to a house with a large dog. That being said, we have also discovered that he gains confidence and trust with another Dachshund and believe that it would be best if he is adopted into a family that has a Dachshund sibling for him. Chase is a very smart dog and will listen quite well. He is always very attentive when it is treat time and I am sure could easily be trained to do some tricks with his new family.