Olive (1)

Olive (1) - Adoption Pending

Name(s): Olive
Age: 5 years old (born September 18, 2012)
Size (weight): 17 lbs.
Coat & colour: Black and tan silver dapple
Temperament: Medium energy, very playful, enjoys human companionship, loves the sound of her own bark, can be fearful of strange people and strange dogs, and takes a few minutes to recover from fright.
Good with Dogs: Not good with big dogs; fine with small dogs
Good with Cats: No
Good with Kids: Children over the age of 10
Needs another Dog: No
Needs to be an only Dog: No, but canine siblings will need to have complimentary temperaments, as Olive can be a bit bossy.
Housetraining: Yes, fully housetrained
Crate Trained: Yes, loves her crate
Suitable for an Apartment: No, due to excessive barking
Origin: Owner surrender
Adoption Fee: $350.00
Special Note: Potential adopters will be required to attend a ‘meet & greet’ at the foster home just west of Ottawa.

And now a few words from me:

Hi, I’m Olive. I enjoy going for long walks and exploring the great outdoors. I love to play fetch with a ball and can do this for as long as you will let me. I will even chase the ball into water using my short legs to propel me through the deep water to retrieve my ball. I love my foster family, but strange people make me nervous — I need some time to get used to new people. I prefer small dogs to big dogs, but don’t really know how to play with other dogs. Oh, and I love to eat! I will eat and eat and eat until I swell up like a balloon so please help me stay slim and fit by not over feeding me. I just can’t say no to food. Are you an active family looking for playful, intelligent girl to be your companion?

And now a few words from my foster family:

Olive was nervous when she first arrived in foster care, and took a couple of days to get used to our family. After two days she bonded with us and has been very affectionate and gentle with me, my husband and our two kids, 11 and 13 years old. She is very intelligent and obedient, and she responds well to all the basic commands. She is fully housetrained and crate trained. She needs a lot of exercise and stimulation, making her a great dog for an active family. Olive loves to play fetch and go for long walks. Olive was not well socialized when she was a puppy. She is fearful of strange people and strange dogs, especially big dogs. She is very reactive when she sees new dogs and new people so I would strongly recommend a bark collar to manage her barking. Olive is not an aggressive dog, she is a fearful dog. Proper leadership and control is imperative for keeping Olive from snapping at strangers and new dogs. With the right humans Olive can be a wonderful companion and playmate.