Lilly - Adopted!

Name(s): Lilly
Age: 5 years old
Size (weight): 16 lbs.
Coat & colour: Black and tan
Temperament: Sweet, timid and unsure at times. Very affectionate.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unlikely; very high prey drive.
Good with Kids: Unlikely; could be very timid, fearful and unsure. Older children only.
Needs another Dog: Yes. Lilly has always been with another dog and would do best with another well-adjusted dog.
Needs to be an only Dog: No, not recommended
Housetraining: 90% housetrained. Needs some prompts and does not always ask to go outside.
Crate Trained: Yes, but not fond of it.
Suitable for an Apartment: No, will bark at strange noises and when another dog barks.
Origin: Owner surrender
Adoption Fee: $350

And now a few words from me:

Hello, my name is Lilly and there sure have been a lot of changes in my life recently. I’m a smart, fun-loving and spunky girl, but sometimes I feel afraid because I’m unsure of strangers and new surroundings. I’m told that I can be somewhat stubborn at times, and when I’m on a walk I sometimes apply the brakes. I’m not a huge fan of long walks on a leash but I’m getting better at it; I would much rather explore in the safety of my backyard while I run around with my foster siblings. I have never been an only dog and I would very much like a doggy friend in my new home, otherwise it may be too scary for me to be alone. Ideally my fur sibling would teach me and be a positive influence. I’m told that I’m kind of a follower, whatever that means. My ideal home would be calm and quiet, because it can be very overwhelming for me when it’s too loud or busy. Want to have some fun together? Let’s meet!

And now a few words from my foster family:

Lilly is a true pleasure to have around and is quite the spunky girl. She is extremely loving and entertaining. She will initiate play with her foster siblings, but could overwhelm a timid dog because her play can be awkward. Lilly needs another energetic dog friend, but one that is well behaved and well-adjusted, otherwise they could end up corrupting one another. Lilly will bark when she hears barking or strange noises but will correct easily enough with a stern directive. She also has very good recall and will come when called especially if there is a yummy treat waiting for her. Lilly seems to have a fascination with collecting things… all kinds of things, including sticks, toys, and rocks. She will carry them into the house from her adventures in the yard. Lilly will need someone who will be patient with her and who will set boundaries for her. She is a pure cuddle bug and enjoys the company of her people. Lilly would benefit from some training classes. Are you looking for a quirky, fun-loving and sweet little girl with a side of attitude? The name is L-I-L-L-Y!!!!