Brutus & Levy

Brutus & Levy - Adopted

Name(s): Brutus and Levy
Age: Brutus is 11 years old; Levy is 10 years old
Size (weight): Brutus weights 6.3 kg; Levy weighs 6.0 kg
Coat & colour: Brutus is a mixture of black and brown; Levy is brown
Temperament: Both are lovable and affectionate. Brutus is more dominant but they play well.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids: Unknown
Needs another Dog: Bonded pair
Needs to be an only Dog: Bonded pair
Housetraining: Initially some territory marking but otherwise housetrained
Crate Trained: Yes; with encouragement
Suitable for an Apartment:
No; they bark when left alone
Origin: Owner surrender
Adoption Fee: $400

And now a few words from me:
We’re two brothers who just want to love and be loved. We enjoy walks and playing with our toys, but mostly we love to cuddle with our humans. Our tails are in constant motion when meeting humans. Our favorite time of the day is mealtime! Dog food, dog treats or human food… we love it all. We bark, but only when there is a good reason. Sometimes we don’t agree on who should have a particular toy, but otherwise we’re best buds!

And now a few words from my foster family:
“The Boys” as we call them, settled quickly into our routine. Territory marking was initially an issue, but has stopped since they were neutered. It’s fun to watch them fold into one tiny bed. Brutus likes to groom Levy, who seems to enjoy it. When watching TV, you are sure to have Brutus partially over one thigh, and Levy pressed against the other thigh. We have been crating them overnight with no issues, but they would prefer to be with you on the big bed. When left alone, they bark for a short period of time. Walking is a bit of a tug–of-war, but they have been responding to some training. Going for walks means doing their ‘business’, so getting them out is important. They love to fetch their toys, but aren’t very good at returning them to you. The boys, who are great companions, just want to love and be loved!