Olive & Lily

Olive & Lily -Adoption Pending!

Name(s): Olive & Lily
Age: 4.5 years – DOB – September 18, 2012
Size (weight): Olive 19 lbs; Lily 16 lbs
Coat & colour: Olive Black and tan dapple smooth; Lily Black and tan smooth
Temperament: Happy, polite, very affectionate and playful with family and familiar friends. Resource guards family and house and barks at non-family and other dogs. Needs ongoing training in this area.
Good with Dogs: Needs ongoing training to appropriately meet other dogs.
Good with Cats: Not recommended – they have gotten somewhat tolerant of resident cat, however, if the cat runs, so will they. Higher prey drive.
Good with Kids: They have been tested with older, respectful children and have done very well.
Needs another Dog: Pair bonded with Lily
Needs to be an only Dog: Probably would be best suited in a home without any other dogs
Housetraining: Olive – Yes; Lily – 90% with prompting – They are both not overly communicative when they want to go out. Lily has started to show increased excitement when she needs to go outside.
Crate Trained: Yes – They will both go in their crate together and remain quiet the entire night. They also won’t make any noise until you are ready to let them out. They will also use their crate during the day as a quiet area and will sometimes be in their crate during the day while unsupervised.
Suitable for an Apartment: No – They will both bark at non-family entering house or during play. We have been doing increased training in this area and are seeing some improvement.
Origin: Owner surrender
Adoption Fee? $600

And now a few words from me:

Hi, we’re Olive and Lily, sisters who’ve been together all our lives and we love each other. Our owner passed away and we’re looking for a new family. Our foster mom says that we need to learn how to meet new people and dogs when they come into our house or when we are out walking. We think that they might be scary so we let them know who are the bosses! Our foster parents tell us that we don’t have to be afraid and now we are not so loud on walks. But boy, do we love to walk! We really love just being outside in the yard, sniffing and digging, and sniffing some more. Did you say, ‘fetch’? We love playing ALL the time. Balls, rocks, sticks, stuffies…you throw, we fetch. If you sit down on the big comfy couch, we think that’s your way of saying, ‘come and sit with me’. We love our family and especially love to hang out on their lap, both together, in a big, sweet doggy pile. Do you like to throw stuff? Great!! We would love to meet you!

And now a few words from my foster family:

Olive and Lily are happy, sweet, polite girls. They are very eager to learn and respond well to sit/stay/watch commands, walk well on leash and crossing thresholds properly. They are seldom underfoot and are very happy to sleep in their crate, snuggled together. They do need to continue their work on resource guarding their humans and learning how to greet people and dogs appropriately. They have both made significant progress in this area but continued and consistent training is essential. Olive and Lily are very active dogs who need lots of exercise and fresh air, and like all Dachshunds, they love their humans and love to cuddle. Olive especially loves to chase balls around the house. If you can sit and toss her bouncy ball, then she will be happy for hours. Olive will even do some nose-soccer moves and deliver the ball into your stationary hand or a makeshift net! She is a little sports star! Lily plays a little more quietly around the house with the balls. She will give a big chase for Olive’s ball and then run back happily supporting her sister. Lying on her back and tossing around her stuffy is her favourite pastime indoors. Take Lily outside though and her personality takes flight. They both love little rocks to pick up and move about the yard. If you play fetch with the rocks outside, Lily is definitely the winner out there. Both dogs enjoy riding in the car, especially if you are heading to the rocky beach!! More rocks! They squeal with excitement when they know we are getting close. Lily will sometimes urinate submissively. This only will happen in the morning and if you watch her body language and change focus off of her, she will do great. If you are willing to put some effort into training and consistency, Olive and Lily will pay you back one thousand times in love and companionship.