Corky - Adopted!

Name(s): Corky
Age: 1 year old
Size (weight): 20 lbs.
Coat & colour: Blond Wire-haired Dachshund/Terrier mix
Temperament: Sweet, friendly with people. He will jump up to greet people. He can become over stimulated and very active. He likes to mouth wrestle with another dog but can be quite rough. He yawns when he is stressed. He is very high energy.
Good with Dogs: Plays with the resident dogs. Initially, he greeted other dogs appropriately but has snapped at some dogs, especially high energy ones.
Good with Cats: He will walk by a calm cat but if the cat runs, he wants to chase it.
Good with Kids: While Corky greets children appropriately, he is very mouthy when stressed and can inadvertently snap at anything close to him. Therefore, he is only suitable for dog-savvy older children.
Needs another Dog: Maybe
Needs to be an only Dog: No
Housetraining: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes, but will bark or cry when first put in his crate
Suitable for an Apartment: Sometimes barks when first put in his crate
Origin: Shelter
Adoption Fee: $400


And now a few words from me:
Hi, I’m Corky and I’m looking forward to meeting you. I’m a Wire-haired Dachshund/Terrier mix and I’ve heard people say I look like Benji.  I love to meet people and I will jump up to greet you.  Foster mom wants me to sit to meet new people and I’m trying to do it. I will give you a kiss if you let me.
At night, I sleep in my crate and I settle quickly. However, if you would let me sleep with you, I’ll settle and sleep beside you. When you are out, I stay in my crate and foster mom says I need to stay there since I chew things when I’m stressed. I’m getting better at going in the crate when foster mom wants me to. She feeds me in the crate and has given me lots of toys when I’m in the crate.
I love to play with the resident dogs. However, I get excited and can be rough so foster mom tells me to be easy. I love to chew on my stuffies and I can take the stuffing out of them very quickly.
I walk okay on a leash but will pull when we first start walking. I need lots of exercise.
I mostly ignore the cats. However, when they move around, I become curious and follow them.
My ideal home may have another dog that I can play with. I’d be okay if you have a confident cat. I need an active home where I’ll get lots of exercise but also provide me with structure.


And now a few words from my foster family:
Corky had several weeks of upheaval before he arrived in my foster home. As a result, he was very stressed and displayed it by chewing anything he could reach including leashes, a power cord (not plugged in) and bedding. As he has settled into my home, his chewing has decreased and he now chews bones and toys and leaves inappropriate things alone. However, if he becomes stressed, he will chew things and this behaviour will likely return when he is adopted until he settles into his new home and routine. As well, he may be destructive when left alone so crating him while you are out will likely be necessary. He cries or barks when first put in the crate but settles and is quiet with I get home.
He loves to play and chase his foster siblings. He has played for up to an hour with the resident mini Dachshund and the 14.5 year old Jack Russell mix. However, he can become quite rough and I’ve been limiting how much they play. This seems to decrease Corky’s anxiety. If the resident dogs have had enough play and tell him to stop, he will. He has become good at entertaining himself and loves to chew a bone or dog toy.
Initially, Corky greeted dogs appropriately but has started to snap at some dogs, especially large ones. We are working on his ability to greet other dogs. He has made some progress but will require ongoing training to learn to greet all dogs appropriately.
He seems to learn quickly. He has learned that he needs to sit for a treat and is learning “off” when he wants to visit.
Corky’s ideal home will provide him with structure and lots of activity.