Sanchez - Adopted!

Name: Sanchez
Age: 18 months
Temperament: Sound, sturdy, outgoing and assertive
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids: Yes
Needs another Dog No. Fine with other dogs, but more human-oriented
Needs to be an only Dog: No. Fine with other dogs, but more human-oriented
Housetraining: Crate-trained, some marking when he first arrived (before he was neutered)
Suitable for an Apartment: Yes
Origin: Owner Surrender
Adoption Fee: $400

Hello, my name is Sanchez, but you can call me Chezzie for short. I love long walks and lots of stimulation. I love to play with my toys and I will pull the fluff out of my stuffies. I am good on a leash and listen well off-leash when I am with other well-behaved dogs. I get along great with other dogs and children, but please don’t rush into my space, I need some time to get to know your scent first. I have a big bark for a little dog so you’ll have to teach me when to be quiet. I’m a happy, energetic dog with a great attitude.

When Sanchez first arrived he seemed aloof and didn’t come to share affection right away; he was more interested in the other dogs than us boring humans. After a few days he learned he could trust us, and after a few weeks, he is running to us for attention and praise. He’s a well-balanced dog with good social skills and we trust him around our kids ages 10 and 11 years, as well as guests and new dogs. If he is startled he will recover quickly, and he keeps a positive attitude enjoying each day. He is very adventurous and will run off into the woods to find something smelly to roll in, but he always comes back when we call him. He likes to stay with the pack. He loves to eat, so his weight must be monitored so he doesn’t get chubby. He sleeps in a crate at night with no issue. He needs a pack leader to set and enforce rules and make sure there are strict boundaries in his home so he doesn’t get into mischief.