Sabby - Adopted!

Name(s): Sabby
Age: 7 years old
Size (weight): 18 lbs.
Coat & colour: Brown, smooth (Jack Russell Terrier/Dachshund mix)
Temperament: Cautious, especially with new people and situations; she tended to be a bit nippy when she first arrived here but has become much more confident and relaxed with stability and a regular, calm routine. Does not like loud noises (thunder, fireworks). Can be a bit jealous of the other dogs, especially if they’re being petted
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids: Older, respectful children only
Needs another Dog: Not necessary
Needs to be an only Dog: Quite possibly
Housetraining: Yes
Suitable for an Apartment: Possibly. She is not a big barker, except for when the vacuum cleaner is running
Origin: Owner surrender
Adoption Fee? $300

And now a few words from me:

Are you looking for the best of two worlds? Some Jack Russell Terrier mixed with some Dachshund? If so, then I am the gal for you! Consider the bouncy feistiness of a JRT combined with the stubbornness and beauty of a dachshund, and you will have a good idea of what I’m all about. I love to sunbathe on the deck and watch the world go by. Very recently I learned about walks and now I look forward to them every day. Life is good and I would love to spend the rest of mine with you!

And now a few words from my foster family:

Sabby was very guarded when she first arrived, but her tendency to defense nip has decreased dramatically as she has learned that she can trust people and just relax and be a regular beloved dog. Snoozing in the sun or on a soft dog bed has become an important part of her day, along with walks in the park or around the neighourhood. When she hears the outside hose being turned on she comes running at a hundred miles an hour so she can soak her face and head in the stream of water. Sabby has a great appetite and was a bit chubby when she arrived. However, regular long walks and good quality lower-fat crunchies have helped to slim her down to “Beauty Queen” status.