Rex - Adopted!

Hello Folks! My name is Rex, also commonly referred to as Rex-a-Roonie or Rex-a-Roo by my Foster Mom (she’s so funny). I am a very fluffy 9 year old red and chocolate, long haired merle male who is hoping to find my furever home. I currently weigh 17.3 lbs, which means I am a tad bit husky for my bone structure. The vet says I should actually weigh about 14 lbs, however I think the extra meat just means that there is more of me to love.

My 2nd favourite time of the day is exercise time. My Foster Family takes me for 2 to 3 walks a day and boy do I get excited. Just the mention of the word “walk” sends me into a frenzy. I do this awesome little dance that I made up myself, where I spin in a circle, alternating directions, while making these cute little sounds. Once I am outside I am an excellent walker and despite my “extra padding” I will walk for as long and as far as you would like.

My most favourite time of the day though is when I get to snuggle with my human. Whenever possible I like to be near my Foster Parents and at night I much prefer to sleep in the big bed with them and my Foster Brother. You see, prior to living with my Foster Mom and Dad, I had two other homes but because of unfortunate circumstances no one has been able to keep me. I should also mention though that I suffer from what my Foster Mom calls “only dog” syndrome, and I don’t like to share my food with my Foster Brothers, and I am very vocal about it. That being said I respond well to corrections and will only improve as my training continues. My right eye is also considered an anomaly, which is why it looks different. It’s possible I was born this way or that I had an eye infection that went untreated. Either way it doesn’t seem to be a problem for me now and the vet says that is just needs to be watched closely for any changes.

I really need my next home to be my last home. I am looking for a family that really wants a wiener to love and snuggle. I am excellent with other dogs, cats and all humans including children. That being said, since I am a bit of an attention hog I would fair best in a home that has school age kids so that they could shower me with their hugs and kisses. Oh and I haven’t even mentioned the best part….I am 100% housetrained. Despite my multiple homes and new surroundings I haven’t had a single accident in my Foster Mom’s house. I let her know when I need to go out and when I am ready to come back in. Pretty neat trick eh?

I really think once you meet me you will see just how truly wonderful I am. My Foster Mom says that you won’t find a better cuddle bug than me, or a dachshund who will love you more than I will. Will you finally be my “fur”ever family