Rex - Adopted!

Name(s): Rex
Age: 8 yrs
Size (weight): 10 lbs approx..
Coat & colour: Short hair, black and tan
Temperament: Good.
Good with Dogs: Good with house mates but can be assertive on the leash
Good with Cats: unknown
Good with Kids: unknown
Housetraining: Pretty much – if kept on routine
Suitable for an Apartment: May be too barky
Origin: Stray pick up running loose on road
Adoption Fee? $300.00

And now a few words from me:
Hi from me, Rex. I’m not sure what happened but I’ve ended up here, in a wonderful foster home. There are two other dogs here to keep me company and we get along fine. I had a big dental surgery shortly after arriving. My mouth is still sore but I do
feel a lot better. I really enjoy our walks. So many new things to discover! For instance, today I saw big ball in someone’s yard near the sidewalk and my foster mom helped me take a close look at it. It didn’t need to be conquered so we moved on
with our walk. My foster mom makes me wear a tee shirt when we go out because my coat is very thin and she doesn’t want me to get a sun burn but don’t worry, the doc says it will grow back with proper nutrition. I’m happy and I like to cuddle on the sofa and in the big bed when I can. I’m always happy to see my foster mom and my human brother when they come home. I’m waiting patiently to find my perfect family, could it be you?

And now a few words from my foster family:
Rex is the sweetest wee fella and he is wee at just 9/10 lbs. He has a very slender physique as well. Rex is so happy; so happy to get out of the crate and so happy for me to pick him up – settled right in, putting his head on my arm. He has fit into the household very nicely. The two other dogs sniffed him over thoroughly as did he to
them and that was it. They all walk together, although he and the younger foster sibling are quicker on the step than the 10 year old foster sibling. He is doing very well with housetraining, especially when kept on a schedule. He barks when anyone comes to the door, I don’t know if that is a previous habit or he has picked up a bad habit from his house mates. Currently, he has very little body hair but the vet suggested that perhaps it will regrow once he is neutered and on a good diet. He is a very handy size, easy to handle and polite and respectful. He clearly comes from a home environment and would settle in to a household without too much fuss. Are you looking for a sweet, cuddly, handsome fella like Rex?