Pieter - Adopted!

Name(s): ​Pieter​
Age: ​10​ years
Size (weight): ​10​ lbs
Coat & colour: ​Black & Tan Dapple Long Haired
Temperament: Timid, ​sweet, very loveable
Good with Dogs: ​Good
Good with Cats: ​Good
Good with Kids: ​Older only
Housetraining Work in progress, ​crate trained
Suitable for an Apartment: ​Yes​
Origin: Ontario
Adoption Fee: $250

​And new a few words from me:​

Hello there! My name is Pieter and I am a little guy with a big heart. I am a sweet senior who loves to wander around the garden and investigate what the world has to offer. I enjoy cuddling, snoozing, car rides and watching TV, although sometimes the characters on television make me bark. I enjoy the company of other dogs, am good with cats and would probably do well with older children. I don’t, however, like stairs! I will go outside to do my business but am not 100% reliable in that department just yet. Could you be my forever home?

And now a few words from my foster home:

Pieter is a very sweet laid back senior. He is learning all about toys and loves to carry them back to his crate and bury them. He sleeps in his crate with the crate door open in my bedroom. He’s enjoying soft blankets, rolling around on them and often falls asleep on his back with his little paws sprawled out! He is still a little timid when you pick him up but is getting much better. His hearing is not the best, he responds to higher pitches, and looks at me for direction. He really enjoys routine and happily gives me a few little barks when its kibble time. He has learned the kitchen is a great place as he is very food motivated. He will now sit while he dines and has even shared his bowl with my dog. A true little gentleman, he poops on a regular schedule and pees in the grass and on the trees outside. One day of wearing the weiner cover (after marking inside) was so embarrassing! He is left loose with my dogs and when I am at work and does not damage anything. He does not do stairs. Perhaps in time. The vet felt he would do best with another dog or cat to follow cues from. He is slowly learning that cuddling is a good thing. Young kids may not be ideal; due to his hearing he may be startled at times. He is good on a leash, I have not done a lot of walking with him but he does follow you and with practice he would do well. After the life he has had he is truly a blessing, hearing his little grunts of excitement and pleasure when I pick him up when I get home from work, seeing his tail wag is truly a testament to he ability to forgive and trust a human hand.​