Pearl - Adopted!

Name: Pearl
Age: 1 year 1 month
Size: Approx 9 1/2 pounds
Coat & Colour: Short hair, dapple
Temperament: Sweet, playful , typical puppy, but can be insecure and will need help building confidence
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes – older kids please due to her small size
Housetraining: Work in progress
Special needs: See note below from foster mom
Suitable for an apartment: No
Origin: Quebec puppy mill
Adoption fee: $400

And now a few words from me:

Hi! I’m Pearl, and I’m a happy-go-lucky little puppy who just LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to play! I would really like to go to a home with another dog, because playing chase and wrestling with canine pals are two of my MOST favourite things in the whole wide world. I really enjoy being outside in the sunshine and will run around the backyard for hours, sniffing and exploring everything, chasing birds, butterflies, and especially my foster siblings. I really love my humans, but it takes me a little while to warm up to new people. Once I do, BE
PREPARED; I will give millions of kisses and snuggles. Foster mom says when she comes home from work, it’s like she’s been gone for years because I am SO excited to see her. I sleep in my crate while my foster family is away during the day, which helps keep me safe and out of trouble while no one is home. At night, I love to sleep in the big bed burrowed under all the blankets next to you.
I am working really hard on my housetraining, but it’s pretty tough sometimes. I do know how to use a pee pad though. When I first came to CDRO, it was winter and I didn’t have any hair so the last thing I wanted to do was go out into the cold to do my business – can you blame me? Foster mom is trying to teach me and I’m pretty sure I can get the hang of it if you’re willing to be patient and continue to help me learn.

And now a few words from my foster family:

Pearl is a typical puppy. Happy, sweet, playful, and a joy to have around. She is very timid around new people but warms up quickly and just wants to give you her love. She is a velcro dog who always wants to be around her humans , but time and patience should help her become a more confident dog. Her
ideal home should have at least one other fun-loving dog for her to play with. She has come such a long way since she first came to us and she will continue to flourish in a loving forever home.

A note regarding her special needs:
Pearl’s potential adopters should be aware that she has a grade 1-2 patellar luxation (described as a “trick knee”, and a form of dysplasia that makes her gait look odd. It’s possible it may become an issue when she is older, especially if she is allowed to become overweight, but doesn’t currently affect her in any adverse way other than how it looks. She has seen an orthopedic surgeon and he will provide a report to Pearl’s new vet for her file.