Noel - Adopted!

Name: Noel
Age: 5 years old
Size: 9 lbs
Coat: Smooth Dapple, with beautiful white markings on head, ears and body
Temperament: super affectionate, timid and shy
Good with Dogs: Yes and No ( read bio below)
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids: Older, please
Special Needs: No
Housetrained: Working on it!
Suitable for Apartment: Unsure
Origin: Puppy Mill
Adoption Fee: $350

Hi there: My name is Noel and I am 5 year old, smooth, chocolate & tan dapple who weighs approximately 9 lbs. I must say I am the most handsome dachshund my foster mom has ever seen. My unique markings are beautiful and cover my body like an army coat. I am from a puppy mill and therefore am not used to a home or the love of people. Although my foster family has been fantastic, I must say I am still extremely shy and timid. If you approach me too quickly I will cower and piddle, so please be patient as I learn to trust you human folk. Each day I am coming out of my shell more and more and have even started wagging my tail. My favourite pass time is cuddling; I stick close to my foster mom and constantly tap her leg in hopes that she’ll pick me up (who says dogs aren’t smart?).

I am currently living with my foster brother, Gabriel (no relation) and we get along ok but if I can be honest, I think I would prefer to be an only dog. Can you blame me, I have gotten a taste of the good life and I don’t really want to share. Foster mom says she is “crate” training us because we are fearful of large areas and need some supervision and guidance until we become more settled into this “home” environment. I would have to agree with foster mom, as much as I love my out of crate playtime, I do feel much safer in my crate. That whole housetraining thing is a work in progress but I know to keep my crate nice and clean. My play time isn’t normal dog play; you see, I have never had a dog toy or a ball so I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. Foster Mom did give me a soft raw hide bone and I do love to chew that.

All and all my foster Mom says I am doing fantastic for adapting to family living in such a short time, I am a fast learner and will do anything to please my humans. All I am looking for is someone to love me unconditionally. I promise if you adopt me, you will never be lonely again!

Snuggles and Kisses