Nate - Adopted!

Name: N&N “Nate” or “Nathaniel”
Age: 11 months
Size: 9 lbs
Coat: Red long hair
Temperament: Timid, sweet, shy, cuddly, easily frightened, playful, outdoorsmen, gentle, adventurous
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids: No. Doesn’t like fast or sudden movements
Special Needs: No
Housetrained: Working on it
Suitable for Apartment: No – very, very loud bark
Origin: Puppy Mill Survivor
Adoption Fee: $500

Hello, my name is N&N, which actually stands for No Name, but you can call me Nate. My foster mom nicknamed me “Nate” because it is short form for Nathaniel, and she felt that after all I’d been through I deserved a real name of my own. It also means “gift of God” and foster mom says I truly am a gift given that I am so handsome, sweet and lovable. You see the reason I came with the name N&N is because I am an 11 month old puppy mill survivor, and now with my new big boy name, I am searching for my forever home. Have I mention that I am a very, very handsome yet? I have lovely long red hair with black markings on my ears and tail, like someone dipped them in black paint. I am also just a wee little guy weighing roughly 9 pounds, although I am trying to gain a bit more weight by growing my muscles with exercise, healthy dog food and treats. I am crate trained for bedtime, but I’d much rather sleep with you in that cozy thing foster dad calls the “BIG BED”. At night if I have to use the washroom I will wake you up with my soft whine, so if possible I’d really prefer to sleep with my crate
in your room. This way, it’s like I am sleeping in the big bed with you and if I need to pee I won’t mess in my crate because I’ll be able to tell you I have to go.
During the day, when my foster family is at work, I hang out in an xpen with my foster brothers. I really like the xpen, it makes me feel safe but it isn’t as squishy as my crate so I still have room to play with toys, chomp on my bone and cuddle with the others. So far I have done really well in both my xpen and crate, not
making a single mess. Impressive eh?! In addition to being crate/pen trained, I
am also working on my house training and it is coming along quiet nicely if I do say so myself. I have had only one accident in foster care so far and as long as I am kept on a regular schedule and given plenty of time to find just the right spot,
I am happy to do my business outside. Plus, besides being a great place to potty, the outside is a brilliant spot to explore. I love being in the backyard where I feel safest, but I also enjoy going for walks in the neighborhood with my foster family. I walk well on my leash with a harness, the only thing is I am a very timid
and fearful little boy so loud noises, new people and other dogs scare me. It will be important that my new family be willing to work with me on building up my
confidence and showing me that the world is actually a fun and safe place to be.
My timid personality is also something my forever family should be prepared for.
I will need time to adjust to my new home and probably won’t let you pet me or pick me up right away. Please don’t take offense, as I will be very excited to live with you but I just need time to learn that you are my people and that you are going to keep me safe. In order to teach me to trust humans and all the it entails to be a dog, I think it’s really important that, in addition to patience, my new family also have dog siblings for me to learn from. If this sounds like your family
then please adopt me and help make my birthday wishes come true. It would be
really awesome to celebrate my 1st birthday with the best present ever – A
family of my very own.