Milo - Adopted!

Name(s): Milo – Dachshund Mix
Age: 5 months approx.
Size (weight): 11 lbs
Coat & colour: Red and black
Temperament: Easy going, playful, calm. This guy is equally happy having a good rough n’ tumble with another dog, chewing on a bone, or snoozing on his person’s lap. He apparently wasn’t handled much and can cower when being petted or put on a leash, but he has started trusting already and has made significant progress in a week.
Good with Dogs: Yes, likes other dogs, but could likely be an only dog as long as he had occasions to play with other dogs.
Good with Cats: Yes, well tested. Ignores mostly, and has offered to play.
Good with Kids: Untested but very likely will be good with respectful kids.
Needs another Dog No
Needs to be an only Dog No
Housetraining: He’s still a puppy so a work in progress. Pees outside on command, but will have accidents inside if not kept on a regular schedule.
Suitable for an Apartment: Possibly. He’s not much of a barker. Remains quiet when other dogs are barking, but will bark when he wants to play or something is frustrating him.
Origin: Surrender
Adoption Fee? $500

And now a few words from me:

Well, hello there! I’m Milo and I’m going to bet you are going to think I’m an awesome guy. Here’s why… I am only 5 months old, but I’m very well behaved. I hardly try to chew on anything other than my bones and toys. And, for my age, I’m pretty calm. I don’t nip and I love to hang around my people – especially my foster mom, and snooze. I wasn’t handled much for the first few months of my life, so sometimes I cower when someone pets me or goes to put a leash on, but I’m so trusting, I let them do it anyway and so far, it’s all been actually very nice. I walk nicely on a leash, although I’m happy to go bounding through the tall grass for fun too. And if you throw me a ball I will return it back to you, so you can throw it again. People seem to like doing this so I am happy to oblige.

I am very, very cuddly and a bit needy that way, so I would prefer to live in a home that will let me sleep in the big bed although I can be convinced to spend the night in my crate if I must. And I like other dogs very much too. I love to sleep on them, or on my foster parents – but I can also sleep on the floor under foster Mom’s desk while she works.

And, here’s the best part about me. Foster mom thinks I have a little tiny bit of Pug in me since my bottom lip pokes out so I look kinda like I am pouting. And, if that gets me more cuddles, I’m all for it! When I’m really happy, my bottom teeth peek out and then apparently, well, I’m the cutest thing ever. I have big eyes too and a tail that curls right over and touches my back.

So, I’m pretty perfect eh? And to top it all off, I love to play and when foster mom gets down on her hands and knees, I go crazy, running all over the house like when she does that it’s the most amazing thing ever! So, if you think I sound like your kinda guy, please let someone know, because I can’t wait to bond with my forever family.

And now a few words from my foster family:

Milo is really a special little guy. We haven’t known such a balanced, calm and well-mannered puppy. He’s so happy to be with us, that he doesn’t pull on the leash when we walk but trots alongside naturally heeling. He’s very smart and wants to please so he doesn’t mind being corrected when a change in behaviour is required – which is rare. He likes hanging out with other dogs and playing but he will choose his people over other dogs, so expect him to want to be with you, wherever you are. He’s so surprisingly easy going and calm for a puppy, but don’t let that fool you, he can tear around with the best of them when he is so inclined. If his behaviour at 5 months is any indication of what he will be like fully grown, Milo will be an incredible dog – easy to love, easy to take places, and certain to enrich your life with his quirky, cute little personality and his adorable little under-bite.