Mickey - Adopted!

Name(s): Mickey
Age: 2
Size (weight): 14 lbs but could afford to lose a pound or two.
Coat & colour: Chocolate with red points and grey/black dapple
Temperament: Quirky, playful and bonds strongly with his own humans. Nervous and insecure around strangers.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: No – likes to chase. He has improved but still not reliable
Good with Kids: No
Housetraining: Very good. Mostly reliable, but will have accidents, especially if not on a schedule. Does do some submissive/nervous peeing.
Suitable for an Apartment: Unlikely. Barks at unfamiliar sounds but does eventually settle down. Might improve with
more training.
Origin: Owner Surrender
Adoption Fee: $400

And now a few words from me:

HI! My name is Mickey and I’m a real charmer! I am a very handsome boy and I have the most beautiful hazel eyes. I am learning to develop more confidence in myself and my foster mom tells me I have come a long way in a very short time. Being a wiener dog can be a tough job, because I really want to be courageous but the world is a big place and I’m, well, kinda tiny. I might bark and act tough but it’s just an act; help me to feel secure and I settle very quickly and then all I want to do is to cuddle in your lap. I love chewing my toys -those squeekers are no match for me! I really like my foster dad, I think because he makes me feel more secure…he’s a big guy and I know I can count on him to be the boss but to also let me snuggle up right next to him under the covers at night. I’m very smart…I have figured out that I can throw the ball and then chase it myself. It’s even better when my humans throw it. I bring it right back and let them have it for another throw. And I love to give myself back rubs by rolling on the ball, it’s like shiatsu for dogs! I walk nicely on a leash and when I’m feeling confident, I like to get out and explore the world. When I do, I like to look up and know that my pack leader is there and will make sure I stay safe and secure. Could it be you that I look up to?

And now a few words from my foster family:

Mickey is a charmer who really loves to please. He is by nature a very submissive dog and has benefitted greatly by being asked to be confident and balanced when he’s confronted by a situation he isn’t familiar with. He is nervous when strangers come to the house, and can appear aggressive, however in the short time we have had him, he’s made great strides in learning that he doesn’t have to be in charge. He will need more training to help him maintain his calmness as he is exposed to more and more new things. He’s a real snuggler and his antics when playing make us howl! We think Mickey is a super dog… a diamond in the rough, just waiting for someone to love him and help him realize his full potential.