Maxine & Dixie

Maxine & Dixie - Adopted!

Name(s): Maxine and Dixie – Bonded mother and daughter
Age: Maxine – 11 years (May 2004) and Dixie – 9 years (February 2006)
Size (weight): 14 pounds each
Coat & colour: Black and tan, short hair
Temperament: Sweet, cuddly, affectionate. Maxine can be nippy if surprised. They will resource-guard their space. They have growled at each other and the resident dogs but it seems to be all noise and no action.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Wants to chase them, but is learning to ignore them.
Good with Kids: Older respectful children who know how to handle dogs.
Housetraining: Yes
Suitable for an Apartment: Not assessed. Will bark at people going by and unusual noises.
Origin: Owner surrender to a shelter
Adoption Fee: $350

And now a few words from me:

I’m Maxine and I’m here with my daughter, Dixie Lee. We found ourselves in a shelter because our owner could no longer care for us. The nice people at CDRO took us in and we are enjoying our foster home. Our foster mom lets us cuddle with her, which is so nice, but we want to get settled in our forever home.

When people first meet us, they have trouble telling us apart. However, the brown spots over my eyes are a bit bigger and the notches at the ends of my ears are a bit bigger. Dixie has a crooked tail. We do a lot of things together, including sleeping together. When foster mom is out, we share a crate. And while we will sleep in a crate at night, we would prefer the big bed. Foster mom thinks we shared the big bed with our previous owner because she said it was obvious we knew what to do when we had a chance to get in the big bed!

We love to be outside and patrol the fence line. We bark at people going by but will be quiet when told. We like to go for car rides and walks. However, we need to wear harnesses since we pull on the leash and tend to choke. Dixie follows me around a lot of the time and repeats what I do. She has started to play with the resident dachshund and is also starting to play with toys.

Our ideal home would include a fenced yard where we can play outside. And we need someone who will help us gain confidence because sometimes we can be submissive. Are you looking for double the fun? Let’s meet!

And now a few words from my foster family:

Maxine and Dixie Lee are very sweet and charmed the vet and the vet’s employees during their visit for spay and dentals.

These girls are like two peas in a pod. They do most things together and Dixie often follows Maxine around, repeating Maxine’s behavior. They will growl at each other and bare their teeth but the behaviour never escalates beyond that. They also have growled at the resident dogs, which in turn stand their ground and the incident stops.

At times they can be submissive, so their new family should be prepared to work with them to help build their confidence. They are a charming duo, ready to find their furever family.