Mack - Adopted!

Name: Mack
Age: 1.5 years old
Size: 15lbs of wiggly dachshund love
Coat: Deep Red short hair 

Temperament: Active, athletic, sweet, stubborn, submissive, smart, and BEYOND handsome
Good with Dogs: Yes – is timid at first but once he’s comfortable love, love, loves to play the chase game and wrestle with other dogs. Also doesn’t mind respectful big dogs.
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes – but is timid and fearful of new people and little children
Special Needs: No
Housetrained: Yes – 99%! Mack thrives on a schedule and will happily do his business outside if you go with him. If you don’t take him out regularly and accompany him then he will likely have accidents. He has never had an accident in foster care but is just learning to go outside with his foster brothers, without his foster mom’s company.
Suitable for Apartment: No
Origin: Owner Surrender 

Adoption Fee: $400

Hello new friend! My name is Mack, but my closest loved ones call me Mack-Daddy, Macaroni or Macky. I am a one and a half year old, male dachshund in search of my final forever home. I am 15lbs of gorgeousness all wrapped up in a beautiful, velvet-like, short auburn fur coat. My foster mom says I am a “looker”, whatever that means! I don’t really understand it because I have two, lovely soulful brown eyes that work perfectly, so obviously I “look” at stuff, but she just shakes her head and laughs at me when I try to question her. I am an exceptional young man but I have had a tough few years so I am not as confident as people think I should be given how perfect I am. You see I am on my third family in 18 months, and that’s a lot of change for a little guy like me. As a result, I am very timid and fearful of people, noises and life in general, and I will gladly tell you that I am scared by barking in my very loud, “I am scared” bark. I am not good at meeting new people, although foster mom carts me around like the newest fashion accessory, making me meet all sorts of strangers, so I am getting better at this. I also prefer women to men, but HELLO!!! I am handsome therefore I am a ladies man – ya baby!!! (Excuse me Mack! Foster mom here, what Mack means to say is that he trusts women more readily than men but we are working on it and he has been building quite the snuggly relationship with his foster daddy, so it’s an issue he can overcome.) Right, like my foster mom said I am working on becoming comfortable around men and I really do like my foster daddy, as he is the giver of breakfast, dinner and treats! In addition to loving food, I also love to play with toys, wrestle with my foster brothers, run around the house like a crazy doxie, chew bones, snuggle by the fire and curl up in your lap. I am a huge snuggler and will take any chance to cuddle with you because I love, love and can’t get enough of it. I am also crate trained for bedtime (although between me and you, I’d much prefer to sleep with you burrowed in the big bed), x-pen trained for the daytime while you’re at work and 99% housetrained. So what does all this mean? It means that I am one of the most deserving little boys you could ever meet, and I would really love to find my very own forever family, who will allow me to grow old and will shower me with love for all of my days. Perhaps that family is yours?

Now a few words from my foster mom:

Mack is a stunning young man who needs a confident, older family that is familiar with training a dog. He has come a long way in the short time that he has been in foster care, but he needs a home that will continue to provide him with structure and rules, and that will help build up his confidence. Mack is a fear barker and unfortunately he is afraid of most things, so he is a very vocal dog. He is currently working on the commands “quiet” and “enough”. He is also very submissive so he will not tell you when he has to pee and will piddle when scared or excited. He will also not go to the bathroom outside without human company. As a result, he needs a regular schedule to ensure that he has no accidents and a parent who is willing to go outside with him every time to praise and reward him for his good behavior. This praise and reward system is also an easy way to continue building his confidence. Mack also needs a family that has at least one other fur sibling to keep him company and to help him learn to become more independent. He loves to play, wrestle and chase his fur brothers and will do so for hours at a time, so his future fur sibling must be an active and playful young dog like him. It would also help if the fur sibling were a small dog as Mack is unsure of himself around bigger dogs. Mack is not good at meeting new people so his future family must be mindful of this and must be committed to helping him learn that people shouldn’t always feared. He loves going for long walks and hikes and will happily spend hours exploring the trails with you. He knows the commands “sit” and “come” but is also learning “leave it” and “drop it”. He will growl if you try to take a bone or toy away from him but responds easily to corrections. He is a very smart dog who just wants to please you, love you and learn from you.

Mack is desperate for love and stability and really needs someone who has the time to train him and to build up his confidence. He also needs a family that recognizes his quirks, is willing to work on them and will love him regardless. We are currently Mack’s third home in 18 months, so his fourth home must be his very last and forever home. Finally, and most importantly, Mack must go to a family that believes in crate training or can provide him with a small space like a laundry room or x-pen when they are not home. His future sibling must also be crated or penned with him when his humans are absent. Mack cannot have free roam of the house and he cannot be crated alone. It is imperative that his future family is aware of this and is able to accommodate this need. Mack is such a precious and exceptionally beautiful dog; he deserves to finally know safety and security in the loving arms of a forever family.