Lucy - Adopted!

Name(s): Lucy
Age: 3 years old
Size (weight): 7.4 kilos
Coat & colour: Red
Temperament: Calm, except when distracted by outside traffic, then barks.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Not tested
Good with Kids: Older, respectful children only
Housetraining: Very good
Suitable for an Apartment: Possibly. Lucy likes to bark at the window at people and animals walking by outside. An apartment that would limit this kind of traffic from her view could be suitable.
Origin: Owner surrender
Adoption Fee? $400.00

And now a few words from me:

My name is Lucy and I am a Chi-Weenie. As you can see from my photograph, I’m a very pretty girl and a real cuddler. In fact, cuddling is one of my favourite things! I get along very well with most adults and other dogs, but small children get on my nerves and when they invade my space I don’t respond well. I’m certainly not happy to have to report this, but I did snap at the little kids in my previous home. My owners were sad to surrender me (and so were the kids!). I have no hard feelings and took an instant liking to the 3 dogs in my foster home, as well as to the humans there. Now it’s time to find a furever family that will enjoy cuddling with me – I have lots of love to give!

And now a few words from my foster family:

Lucy’s former owners had her from 8 weeks old to her present age of close to 3 years. During that time Lucy and the young children of the household ceased to see eye to eye and Lucy did exhibit snapping behavior toward them. When removed to her foster home with adults and 3 dogs, she quickly made friends with the dogs and was generally calm and easy-going with her new humans. Lucy is a good car passenger. She likes to be close to her humans, although she and the friendly Chihuahua in her foster home enjoy playing together.

Lucy has an intermittent luxating patella, which results in her kneecap going out of joint every now and then and having her walk along on three legs from time to time. Before long, she is back on all fours. This does not bother her and requires no treatment but should be monitored by her new vet during regular check-ups.

In the absence of young children who may not understand boundaries, Lucy is a very fine pet who is reliably house-trained, has been good on walks with her foster parents and sleeps quietly all night in her crate. She has an impressive bark when startled by outdoor noises or someone at the door, so she would not be suitable for apartment living unless in an apartment that would limit her view of people walking by outside. Otherwise, for an adult family, she would be a loving addition who is very easy to love back in return. Lucy does value the company of her humans and would do best in a situation where someone is home for part of the day.