Lucy - Adopted!

Name(s): Lucy
Age: 6 years (date of birth: Jan 12, 2009)
Size (weight): 26 pounds
Coat & colour: Soft wire hair auburn, chestnut and blonde shades
Temperament: Gentle nature, wants to be near her special people
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Not tested
Good with Kids: Over 10
Housetraining: Good
Suitable for an Apartment: No
Origin: Owner Surrencer
Adoption Fee: $300.00

And now a few words from me:

Hey LUCY! How are you doing?

Pretty good, I must say. I have somehow landed in a house of strangers, including the dreaded MEN, but it’s not bad at all, as it turns out. My foster dad is a very fine fellow, even if he does say so himself, so nothing to fear there, and his son must be a chip off the old block as he doesn’t scare me either. The house animals are sociable enough, but they bark too much. I can see raising the alarm when someone is at the door – could be anybody! – but why carry on for nothing in the back yard, I ask you? I like to be near my people but no longer worry so much when one of them leaves. I just try to wait patiently by the door. Or I’ll walk over to whoever else is around and get a quick ruffle. There is lots to ruffle as I have a soft wire-hair coat which my foster mom seems to like very much. I’m pretty optimistic and I bet if we meet, you might also think we could have a sunny future together!

And now a few words from my foster family:

Lucy is a very easy girl to like. She has quite a peaceful disposition and is happy with whatever is on offer: walks (she meanders as the leash permits), car rides, outdoor exploration with her foster brothers. Lucy came with a warning that she is fearful of men, but we have not seen evidence of this in her foster home. In fact she had no qualms at jumping onto her foster dad’s lap without prompting the day of her arrival. She also has no problem with others in the house – male, female, human or canine. She has a loud bark at unidentified noises (and it’s amazing how many unexplained noises there are), but she does not join in to bark at sounds she recognizes, like neighbouring dogs barking. She will quickly make a tour of the back yard and return to be let in. Lucy is crate-trained and sleeps contentedly there through the night. Lucy’s CDR vet noted that Lucy has a mild (level 2) heart murmur, which is quite common and no treatment was recommended.

Lucy is a lovely dog with silky locks of various brown, auburn and blonde shadings. She is well-meaning and will no doubt want to please her forever home. Lucy would make an excellent companion for those who will appreciate her gently affectionate and easy-to care-for nature, and who will be present for her most of the time.