Louise - Adopted!

Name(s): Louise (house name: LouLou
Age: Approx. 6
Size (weight): 5.4 kg (11.9 lbs)
Coat & colour: Black & Tan – additional colour on paws
Temperament: Sweet, people pleaser, gentle
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: No, high prey drive
Good with Kids: Older kids only – she might get hurt with rough (or uncoordinated) play
Housetraining: 98%
Suitable for an Apartment: No – has a loud, hoarse bark
Origin: Stray
Adoption Fee: $300.00

And now a few words from me:

Hi! I’m LouLou, and I’m a happy, optimistic gal. Although I hail from Quebec, I have managed to figure out what my Foster Mom is telling me, especially when it’s mealtime. I really enjoy eating and get very excited waiting for my meals to be served. I will sometimes wander over to investigate what one of my canine housemates is eating, but Foster Mom monitors mealtime and I haven’t caused any trouble by trying to eat someone else’s food. I love going out for walks, and my favourite thing is spotting a squirrel or cat, and chasing them with Foster Mom running behind me. I have a high prey drive. I also enjoy cuddling up in a chair or on the sofa with my foster family. Rolling onto my back and stretching out for a nap is the best way to sleep. I’m very easy going and have so much love to give!

And now a few words from my foster family:

Little LouLou walked into our home and waltzed into our hearts. She does not have a dominant personality and her foster siblings have yet to growl at her for some perceived misdemeanor. She curled up with my Maisy (who doesn’t curl up with anybody) and since then they have been found a number of time cuddling together. She’s a delicate girl but with a slightly stocky body type, which gives her a puppy-like appearance. While she is not an athletic dog, she does enjoy being active and loves her walks. She is learning to play with toys. When she needs something, such as going outside to piddle, she will sit in front of you and “huff”. If you don’t pay attention, she will climb up on your chest and huff in your face. When you respond with: “Ah, outside, pee pee?” her ears bounce forward and she looks at the door and away you go. She takes her lead from her foster sisters; Maisy barks at the door, so now LouLou barks at the door. Maisy twirls wildly when getting ready for a walk, and now Maisy does as well. She’s perceptive, observant and a great communicator. She’s a terrific wee gal and will be a joy for her new family.