Kenzie - Adopted!

Hello there! My name is Kenzie, which is short for MacKenzie and means “the fair one”. I am a 2 year old red, long haired dachshund who weighs approximately 8.3lbs. According to the vet and my Foster Mom I could use some “fattening up” and should probably weigh a healthy 9.5lbs, but my foster mom says I am a picky eater so this is easier said then done. What can I say, I am learning to like the finer foods in life!

I came to CDR after I was rescued from a retched puppy mill, as a result I am just starting to learn what it means to be a dachshund and a member of a family. I have a beautiful red coat and very large brown eyes that will melt your heart. I am also unbelievably sweet and cuddly. Although I am not fully housetrained yet my Foster Mom says that I am doing very well and with a bit more practice I’ll be perfect. At night I sleep in a cozy crate beside the big bed, however if you want I’d be happy to sleep in the Big Bed with you. During the day, while my Foster Mom and Dad are at work, I hang out in an x-pen with my foster brothers. I don’t mind the pen because it’s filled with blankets and toys and I have company, but I should warn you I would prefer not to be put in my crate by myself during the day while you are gone. I get very upset when this happens as my Foster Mom has found out. I have also recently discovered that I love going for walks with my Foster Brothers, but I don’t like loud trucks or noises because I am so timid. That being said, with a little convincing that it is safe to carry on I am happy to keep going.

My Foster Mom describes me as an Olympic Snuggler. I love sitting in your lap, getting belly rubs and back scratches, giving kisses and following my humans around the house. Since I am just learning how amazing and kind humans are I am soaking up the love as much as possible, as a result I can be a bit needy. I prefer to go outside if someone comes with me, although I am learning slowly to explore the backyard on my own and to go out with my Foster Brothers. I also like to be wherever my Foster family is, so my new Mom and Dad should be sure to watch where they step and expect company when they are doing things like laundry. My Foster Mom says that she is trying to teach me to be an independent woman, the type of dachshund who has confidence and can manage to entertain myself on my own. She wants you to know that as the days pass and I become more comfortable and secure I am slowly getting there and that she is very proud of me. As a result she feels that I need to go to a special family who will continue to show me love, patience and that it is safe to explore my new world without being fearful. I love people, kids, cats and other dogs and would be best suited to a family who can shower me with affection and help make up for the cuddles that I lost while I was living in the mill.

Are you the loving, cuddly family that I’ve been waiting for?