Jackson - Adopted!

Name(s): Jackson “Jaks”
Age: 6 or 7 years
Size (weight): 18 lbs
Coat & colour: Black and Silver Dapple
Temperament: Sweet and gentle
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids: Unknown
Housetraining: Yes, mostly
Suitable for an Apartment: No. Barks at strangers and strange noises and when his human leaves.
Origin: SPCA/ Stray
Adoption Fee? $350

And now a few words from me:

Hello, my name is Jackson and I’m a happy-go-lucky kinda guy with a few quirks and some anxiety thrown in for good measure. I arrived as a stray from the SPCA where I was very unhappy. I was so scared and nervous that I tried to bite my way out of my crate and got open sores on my lips, but they’re all better now. I love being part of a pack and playing or snuggling with my foster brother and sister. I don’t have a mean bone in my body and so far I have loved everyone I have met. I just want to be loved, snuggled and petted. I’m never too far away from my human. I get very scared if I’m confined and might hurt myself trying to get free.

I have lost about three pounds in my foster home and I feel much better already, but I can stand to loose a couple more. I’m always looking out for my humans and I will advise you of every little thing, so no apartments for me please. I love car rides and walks. I’m not destructive, but I will try and go through the garbage or recycling if it’s accessible to me and I’m tempted. My foster mom says I need to work on my manners a little – things like trying to steal food, excessive barking and listening.

Oh, and I’m bilingual! (I actually understand French better that I do English.) Voulez-vous me rencontrez? I’d like that!

And now a few words from my foster family:

Jackson was in rough shape when he first arrived. He was a very nervous little guy, but who can blame him after being picked up by the SPCA as a stray. He had injuries to his mouth, terribly neglected teeth and patches of fur missing from his little body. All that is behind him now and he is a happy, funny and loveable little guy. He has such a great temperament. With good nutrition, some supplements and a special shampoo his fur, he is already looking so much better.

Jackson has not met a human he doesn’t like – he will greet humans with a bark, but will quickly look to be petted and snuggled. The same goes for most other dogs – he is very friendly when approaching them. He walks well on a leash and is very mellow in a car as long as he is not confined in a crate. Jackson needs a home with at least one other dog. He is very well housetrained and has not had any accidents while in his foster home. His new family will need to watch his weight because he loves his food, and is always wanting a treat or trying to steal a bite from your plate. Jackson still gets anxious from time to time and will chew. He should have plenty of chew toys. He also has a blanket he chews as if to pacify himself. This however is becoming less and less frequent. Jackson is a first-class snuggler and will never turn down a cuddle and a belly rub. He loves his walks and equally likes his down time. If he is allowed to sleep on the big bed, he will sleep like a log all night long – he feels secure knowing that his human is right there next to him. Jackson barks excessively at times, and will need consistent training to correct this behaviour. He responds well to corrections but is also quite stubborn and may need several corrections. Whoever adopts this fellow will be very lucky – he is an extremely gentle, loving and laid-back dog once he settles into the home.

Health note: Jackson has hypothyroidism, which is not life threatening but requires routine blood work and medication twice a day. The medication is very inexpensive, around $13 for 180 tabs. He will need blood work again in about 5 weeks to determine if he is on the correct dose. His new family must be willing to commit to this.