Izzy - Adopted!

Name(s): Isabelle
Age: 1 year 1 month
Size (weight): 10lbs
Coat & colour: White and grey
Temperament: Friendly, loving, spunky, outgoing, playful, bossy, mischievous, bossy, stubborn.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids: Yes
Housetraining: A work in progress
Suitable for an Apartment: No
Origin: Puppy Mill
Adoption Fee?

And now a few words from me:
Hi everyone!! My name is Isabelle but you can call me Izzy. I am a stunning, little white and grey dachshund with a big personality. Don’t let my size fool you, I have spunk, attitude and a whole lot of personality. I came to CDR with my three sisters, after the nice people rescued me from a horrible puppy mill. When I first arrived I was very sick with a skin condition, which left me bald, red and sore and that has taken me months to recover from. Since landing in foster care I have discovered what a doxie’s life is really about – snuggles, treats, kisses and lots of love. I currently live with my Foster Mom and Dad, and my 3 Foster Brothers, who I absolutely adore. I spend my days wrestling, playing and snuggling with the 3 boys and I am very attached to them, so Foster Mom says it is imperative that I go to a home that has at least one other dog that is energetic and playful like me. She also says that it is very important that my future brother and/or sister be very patient and tolerant of me because I have no concept of personal space. I climb on my Foster Brothers regularly, invading their space, chewing on their ears and yanking their toes and tails with my little puppy teeth. I figure I am just doing my job and fulfilling my role of the very annoying little sister. In addition to suffocating my brothers with my love, I also love to play with toys, pillows, and your socks and slippers. If permitted I will also dig in your plants. I am a puppy through and through, and since I spent my earliest and most formative months confined to a crate I am now using my newfound freedom to explore and make up for all the lost time. My dream forever family would be a family that has a big heart, lots of patience, fur siblings and plenty free time to help me continue my training and exploration of this totally awesome new life of mine.

And now a few words from my foster family:
Isabelle has been the light of our lives for the last four months and deserves the absolute very best home a girl could wish for. There isn’t enough room in her biography to tell you how wonderful and special she truly is. She is still very much a puppy and will require lots of patience, time and energy. She loves to play, snuggle and get into trouble, so you should prepare yourself for this little ball of craziness. She is the most affectionate and loving little girl you could ever meet. She brightens the faces of everyone she encounters with her cute wiggly bum and friendly nature. She is good with kids and all people, but is very skeptical of new dogs. In fact, she can be very vocal about her feelings towards new fur friends and at times has been known to be aggressive in an effort to exert her dominance. Izzy is what we affectionately call Mighty Mouse and does not let her size stop her from bossing other dogs around or proving that she is tough and shouldn’t be messed with.

Izzy’s house training is still a work in progress but is coming along very well. She needs to be let out on a regular basis and cannot hold it longer than 3 to 4 hours at a time. If she is left home alone too long, isn’t let out regularly or is fed dinner too late she will have an accident in her crate or the house. Izzy is on a regular potty and meal routine to ensure that she doesn’t have any accidents, and this has worked exceptionally well. She doesn’t like an audience while she does her business, so she is sent outside on her own to do her thing in privacy and is praised when she is done. She will make potty on a walk but only if it’s an emergency, which means as soon as she gets home from her stroll she needs to be put outside. Izzy was never pee pad trained, however since it was the winter when she first arrived in our care, she is used to doing her business on the deck. She hasn’t learned how to ask to go outside yet, so it’s important that she is kept on a routine.

Izzy has been my shadow since the day she joined our family and has severe separation anxiety when left alone. She will need to go to a home that has at least one other dog to keep her company. Currently, when we are not at home she stays in her crate, which is in an x-pen so that her foster brothers are near her. Without the company of her foster siblings, Izzy has hurt herself in the past trying to get out of her crate. She does much better when she has doggy company to keep her feeling safe and secure. At nighttime, Izzy sleeps in her crate in our master bedroom right beside the bed. Izzy loves her crate as long as it is filled with tons blankets so that she can burrow and is near her human and fur family. Izzy does not like to be left in the crate without people and fur friends close by.

Izzy is a timid little girl, who will need the right family to help her develop her confidence and sense of self. She listens well, comes when she is called (if she feels like it) and prefers to be close by her family so wherever you go, expect her to follow. She loves exploring the backyard, going on walks and taking long naps, burrowed into your side. The beginning of her life was a tough one, but since her rescue her health has improved immensely and she has come out of her shell, growing into the little girl that we have affectionately nicknamed Bizzy (busy) Izzy.