Cassiope (Cassi) - Adopted!

Name: Cassiope (Cassi)
Age: 1.5 years old
Size: 8.5lbs
Coat: White and Dapple Piebald, Smooth
Temperament: Playful, kind, cuddly, timid
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids: Unkown
Special Needs: No
Housetrained: Almost, crate trained
Suitable for Apartment: No
Origin: Puppy Mill Survivor
Adoption Fee: $400

Bonjour, je m’appelle Cassiope. Comment ca va? Je vais très bien! Parlez-vous français? Non? Oh well, don’t worry, I am a bilingual Dachshund so you are in luck! My name is Cassiope but you can call me Cassie. I am a teeny, tiny white and dapple, smooth pie-bald doxie, who weighs roughly 8.5lbs. And while my colour and markings are absolutely stunning, my fur is a little on the thin side so I need a sweater to stay warm. My Foster Mom is hopeful that with lots of love and a nutritious diet my fur will eventually fill in, but I will probably always need my sweater to stay fashionable when I am out for walks or while at the dog park. Since I moved in with my Foster Family I have discovered the joys of being cuddled, kissed and loved – and boy it is GLORIOUS. In fact, my Foster Mom has nicknamed me Licky-Lickerson because I love giving my humans kisses whenever possible. In fact, I love doing everything with my humans – laundry, computer work, napping, watching them eat dinner, etc. I am what Foster Mom calls a little needy, but HEY! to be fair I am just discovering the joys of human affection and life outside of the puppy mill and I am trying to soak it up as much as possible. In addition to giving my humans all of my love I also thoroughly enjoy the company of my Foster Brothers and my sister Pinotte, who is also available for adoption through CDR. I love wrestling and playing the chase game with them around the house and in the backyard. I also enjoy chewing on rawhide bones, chasing the tennis ball (although I haven’t figured out what to do with it once I get it), and lying in front of the fireplace in the doggy beds. I am a bit of princess you see. Foster Mom says that I should tell you that I am a vocal girl and I whine when I need or want your love and attention, I am also not afraid to bark if I feel the situation warrants it. She also says that I should tell you that I am crate trained for bedtime but that I need to sleep with someone in order to keep me company and all snuggly and warm. In fact I’d really love to sleep in the BIG with you, if you’d let me. During the day I like to hang out in the x-pen with my Foster Brothers and Sister because it means I always have company and someone to snuggle with. I do NOT like to be alone under any circumstance. I am a social butterfly and crave the company of other dogs and people so I need to go to a home where I will have a doggy sibling or two. I can also be timid and fearful in new situations so having a doggy sibling will help me to learn to be confident and strong the way a true doxie girl should be. Oh la la! I almost forgot to tell you about some of my best qualities – Yeesh! Firstly, I am doing a stellar at my house training, I only have a few accidents here and there but they are usually not my fault because Foster Mom wasn’t paying attention to my very subtle signals. Secondly I am super, trés brilliant, I already know the commands “stay” and “no” fairly well, although I don’t always follow them but that’s a minor detail, right? Don’t I sound amazing? Perhaps you’re the family I have been waiting for? If you need a little dachshund sparkle in your life, than I am your girl!