Pinotte (Peanut) - Adopted!

Name: Pinotte (Peanut)
Age: 1.5 years old
Size: 22 lbs
Coat: Red smooth
Temperament: Playful, kind, cuddly and quiet
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids: Yes
Special Needs: Has a tender right knee & hip. Needs to avoid stairs and jumping
Housetrained: Almost, crate trained
Suitable for Apartment: Yes
Origin: Puppy Mill Survivor
Adoption Fee: $400

Bonjour, je m’appelle Pinotte. Comment ca va? Je vais très bien! Parlez-vous français? Non! Oh well, don’t worry, I am a bilingual Dachshund so you are in luck! My name is Pinotte but you can call me Peanut. It’s very nice to meet you. I am a standard, red, smooth haired dachshund in search of my “fur”ever home. I am almost one and a half years old and I weigh roughly 22lbs. I have silky auburn fur, gorgeous big brown eyes and I love to cuddle. Since I am a puppy mill survivor I have just recently discovered the greatness that comes from living with a family. All of the hugs, kisses, kindness and treats have been glorious. My Foster Mom says she is so proud at how well I am adjusting to my new life and freedom. I am an energetic and happy young girl who is learning how to play and have fun. So far my favourite things are rawhide bones and stuffed animals, but don’t worry I don’t shred the stuffies, I just like carrying them around. I also really love sleeping in my crate and in the doggy beds that my Foster Mom has around the house for me – they are so COMFY!! If you leave my crate door open I will climb in and out as I see fit. I also thoroughly enjoy napping on the couch with you or in one of the doggy beds by the fire. According to my Foster Mom I am a very smart dachshund, maybe even a little too smart. I have almost mastered my house training and only have the odd accident here and there if my Foster Mom isn’t paying close enough attention to me. I also know the commands “stay” and “no” even if I don’t always follow them, but I am a teenager after all so some rebellion is to be expected, right? I currently sleep in my crate at bedtime with my sister Cassiope, who is also available for adoption through CDR, and during the day I hang out in the large x-pen with Cassie and all of my Foster Brothers. As a result, it is important that I mention that I am really not keen on being alone, so I need to go to a home that has at least one other doggy sibling for me to play and sleep with. My Foster Mom says I am also supposed to tell you that I am an escape artist so baby gates and other doggy traps don’t usually work on me as I always manage to find a way to break out, especially if I am searching for your wonderful company. She says that my new family will need to be creative to keep me safe because I am not supposed to climb stairs or jump off of furniture. You see, I have a tender right knee and hip, don’t worry though they don’t bother me. The vet says it is just weaker than normal which means I need to be careful that I don’t hurt myself. However, because I am a Houdini dog and trés brilliant, my Foster Mom says it is important that my “fur”ever family is aware of my stealth skills and my sensitive joints so that they can help keep me healthy for a long, long time. Well as you can see I am one in a million and just the sort of Doxie I am sure you are looking for. I would really love to finally have a family of my own to shower with all of my love and affection. Maybe that family is yours?