Gracie - Adopted!

Name(s): Gracie
5 ½ yrs
Size (weight):
Petite 12 lbs
Coat & colour:
Long haired red
Superb. Loves to be around people, cuddly and playful. She can be very puppy-like but is also content to lay at your feet under the desk.
Good with Dogs:
Yes – she has aspirations of being top dog, but isn’t aggressive… Just tries to assert herself now and then.
Good with Cats:
Yes – ignores them for the most part but will sniff and poke, but if told by cat to back off, she does.
Good with Kids:
12 years + only
Very good. Let’s you know when she wants out by crying at the door
Suitable for an Apartment:
Owner Surrender
Adoption Fee: $350

And now a few words from me:

Hi there! My name is Gracie and I am such a special little girl. I know this because my foster mom tells me so. She says she is so impressed with how obedient I am. I’ll tell you a secret, it’s because I’m so smart. I know to sit, stay and come when I’m called. And, as far as doxies go, I’m pretty darn good about going outside to do my business. I will let me foster mom know I need to go by going to the door and making a very cute little whiny noise. Now, I won’t promise that I won’t have the occasional accident, but who doesn’t make a tiny mistake every once in a while. Here’s what I will promise though, I will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you. I will want to be around you all the time and although I’d prefer to sit on your lap, I’m content to lie at your feet under your desk. I also promise that if you throw a ball for me, I will run super-fast to go and get it for you. And, if you are fast, you can get it from me… ‘cus I love, love, love to be chased too. Here’s a list of my favourite things: looking at my humans, listening to my humans, being on, next to or near my humans, going for walks, sleeping, playing, chewing on toys oh and eating! I love my food but even though I love it so much, my foster mom says I can eat nicely with my foster brother and sister close by. What else can I tell you, other than my cuteness is only matched by my wonderful personality and hey, I’m a bit of a ham and super good at making my foster mom and dad laugh lots when I’m around.

And now a few words from my foster family:

I really cannot say enough about Gracie. She’s been such a joy to have around. As much as she’s willing to be a princess, she’s also very easy to care for and manage. Most of the time, you’d hardly know she was there, except that when you look down, there she is, looking up attentively at you. She is very obedient, when we open the door to let the dogs out, she waits until she is ‘released’ to go. She waits to eat her food until she is ‘released’ as well. As Gracie herself pointed out, we think she is a very intelligent dog who will thrive with an intelligent dog owner. In exchange for love and fun, Gracie will give you her everything and her everything is pretty darn special.