Ginger - Adopted!

Hi everyone, my name is Ginger, and I’m a red, smooth mini dachshund. My foster mom says that I am adorable and I might just have to agree! I am around 3 years old, but since this is the first time I have ever seen the outside world, I act and feel like a puppy.

Since I am from a puppy-mill, everything is brand new to me. Right now it all seems so big and scary to me – especially the stairs. I do like to go outside when it is warm, but first thing in the morning when the grass is all wet, and it is so cold, I just shiver and give you the puppy eyes. I get carried a lot, thank goodness I only weigh 10 lbs! I love to snuggle right around someone’s neck. I could sleep like that for hours and hours. There are a lot of toys to play with but my favourite is the knotted sock. I shake it and shake it. Oh, and there are a lot of treats. I don’t know what to do with them because I’ve never had any before but I sure hope I get getting them!

I like other dogs, especially ones I can snuggle with. They are so warm and comforting. I am still a little nervous of the people where I live. This is the first time humans have been nice and gentle with me. I still cower when someone tries to pick me up.
But they are so nice to me, I’m sure I’ll learn to trust them and love them too. I probably shouldn’t go to a home with small children. I think all the noise and quick movements will be too much for me. I haven’t met a cat yet so I can’t make any promises but I would try my hardest to mind my manners.

When we go for a walk, I get confused and go from side to side, but I’ll get the hang of this leash thing. I used a pee pad once and foster mom got so excited and told me I was a good girl. She gets even more excited when I do my business outside so I try really hard to get it right. All of this new stuff is really hard to remember all at once, but little by little I’ll learn it all and be a big girl.

I hope someone will adopt me and make me a member of their family. And I hope that family already has a dog or two because I really need a doggy pal to be with me. And I will be the happiest dog in the world with enough love for all.