George - Adopted!

‚ÄčName: George
Age: 5 years approx.
Size: 34 pounds
Coat: Black and tan, short hair (mix breed)
Temperament: Goofy, playful, needy, intense
Good with Dogs: yes
Good with Cats: no
Good with Kids: good with kids 10 and older, unknown with younger children
Special Needs: Weight loss diet
Housetrained: yes
Suitable for an apartment: no, likes to bark
Origin: stray
Adoption Fee: $350

And now a few words from me:

Hello, my name is George! I’m not sure what happened, but recently I found myself on my own,out on the streets. I was brought to a shelter and did not like it there at all, the strange sounds and smells were very scarey. Some kind ladies were nice enough to bust me out of that place and bring me to my foster home. I live with my foster mom and dad, 2 teenagers, 2 other dachshunds, and 2 big hairy cats. At night when everyone is home I love to play fetch or play with all my squeaky toys!Sometime I even steal them from one of my furry foster sisters. After playing I’m happy to relax on the couch for the evening snuggled up to foster mom and if she
gives me a belly rub it’s a real bonus! Then, when it’s time for bed I am racing for the big bed to snuggle up beside my foster mom. I am so happy not to be out on the streets in this cold weather, but I would be even happier if I had a family to call my own!

And now a few words from my foster family:

Curious George, George of the Jungle, Georgie Porgie… he is such a happy, content, relaxed dog. George listens very well and will come when called. George leaves the cats when told, but would much rather run after them. I would not trust George alone with the cats. George loves walks, car rides, sleeping in the “big bed”, but most of all he loves SQUEAKY TOYS!! He hoards them and steals them from his furry foster sissters. We are working with him on this behavior and now with some encouragement he will reluctantly give a toy up. George displays no aggression with the other dogs in the house, shows no signs of leash aggression, or food
aggression. George will growl and bark when people enter the house, but if ignored settles right down. George quietly waits by the door to go out to the bathroom. George hangs out on the couch when we are at work and behaves very well on his own. George is a really great dog and now he needs a really great forever family to go along with him!‚Äč