Gem - Adopted!

Name: Gem (female)
Age: 6 female
Size: 10 lbs
Coat: Long haired Red
Temperment: Alpha dog, resource guarding which is diminishing, friendly to people, inquisitive, sweet and cuddly.
Good with Dogs: is used to being with dogs, but likes to be alpha so needs to learn manners
Good with Cats: no
Good with Kids: older children
Special Needs: no
Housetrained: work in progress
Suitable for an Apartment: she is pretty vocal so likely not
Origin: Puppy mill
Adoption Fee: $300​

And now a few words from me: My name is Gem, and it suits me, because I’m a very special girl. I arrived at my foster home following a breeder release and I am learning how to be part of a family with the help of my foster sisters. They are teaching me about the joy of running in the yard and chasing these wonderful critters called squirrels. They are showing me that lying together in a sunbeam is one of the great pleasures in life and they are demonstrating how being my silly self is okay. I am even becoming more relaxed during dinner time knowing I have my own food and don’t have to share. I love going for car rides, even though I don’t understand what it’s all about, so I just curl up in the back seat and don’t make a sound. I love going for walks and my foster mom says I walk like a champion with my head high and my tail like a flag. I am happy sleeping on the big bed or on my fluffy pillow on the floor, but I feel very sad when I have to go in my crate. When I’m out in the big world, I am not shy about approaching people and having a sniff, and will even allow people to pet me while they tell me how gorgeous I am. I am becoming more inquisitive every day and now that I am becoming more confident, I love to investigate and sniff out everyone I see. I love my foster parents and want to be with them as much as I can and there is nowhere in the world I’d rather be than on your lap. Foster mom tells me that one day someone will come and take me to a brand new forever home and make me their world. I can’t wait!

And now a few words from my foster family: Gem is a very lovable and cuddly girl. Her hair was very thin and dull when she arrived but as a result of grooming and quality food, it is growing in beautifully, like red and black silk. She has the happiest disposition. She loves to run free in the yard but when outside without a fence at the cottage, she is excellent at staying close and coming when called. When her foster sisters run to chase a squirrel or ducks, Gem will run right along with them but has no idea why. She is quite the little clown. Gem loves her humans and would be with them constantly if she could. She loves to cuddle and sit on your lap and if she can’t, she will follow you and sit at your feet watching you with her beautiful big eyes. She is comfortable being left alone at home. She has never done any damage and just sits waiting at the window. She will bark when alone if she sees or hears something that she feels deserves an alert, so will not be a good candidate for an apartment. Gem has never shown any aggression towards people and is fine with attention from anyone. Although a bit nervous, she will even allow children to pet her and is not frightened by their quick movements. She is somewhat dominant with the other dogs so would likely be best as an only dog or with a larger breed. Gem is very quiet except when she hears sounds outside which can set off some barking but she is learning to stop on command. Gem’s housetraining is a work in progress but she understands the concept and is making progress. If you are looking for a beautiful, affectionate, loving, “eager to please” and inquisitive little girl, please consider Gem. She is anxiously awaiting her forever family.