Jake - Adopted!

Name: Jake

Age: Approx. 6 years

Size: 16 lbs

Coat: Wirehaired, tan

Temperament: playful, sweet, independent, has exhibited leash aggression

Good with Dogs: Yes, but doesn’t meet dogs well when leashed, and would prefer to be around smaller dogs

Good with Cats: yes

Good with Kids: Older

Special Needs: needs an experienced owner

Housetrained: Work in Progress

Suitable for an Apartment: Not recommended – he can be a nuisance barker

Origin: Owner Surrender

Adoption Fee: $300.00

And now a few words from Jake:

Hiya, I’m Jake. Foster mom calls me her little ragamuffin – you just can’t tame my curly hair! I sure do love to play. I get along well with the other small dogs in the house, but foster mom says that I try to act like the Alpha around bigger dogs, and that sometimes gets me into trouble. I love car rides and walks, but I don’t know how to be respectful of other dogs when I’m leashed. You see, I was never really socialized much in my previous life. Foster mom says that I will need an experienced owner who can help show me how to be a better boy when I’m greeting other dogs. I am mostly housebroken, but I do still have accidents in the house sometimes – I am trying really hard to be a good boy!

During the day, when my humans are at work, I hang out in my ex-pen, where foster mom knows that I won’t get into any trouble. When you are home, I love to curl up next to you on the couch, or on the floor at your feet. As long as I can be near you, I’m happy. At night, I prefer to sleep in my crate. Foster mom opens my crate door, tells me it’s bedtime, and I hop right on in and curl up to sleep. Mornings are my favourite time – that’s when I get to see my humans again after a good night’s rest, and best of all, it’s breakfast time! Meal times are my favourite – I get excited and will bark happily to let you know that I’m here waiting for my food. I will even sit pretty if you ask me to. Foster mom says it’s a pretty great trick. She says that I’m a diamond in the rough, and that if you have the patience to teach me, I can be an even more amazing boy than I already am!

And now a few words from my foster mom:

Jake is a real sweetheart, and our family just adores him. He is a playful, happy little cuddle bug of a boy who has come such a long way since he first came into rescue. When Jake first came to us, it was obvious he hadn’t received much socialization. He had fear / aggression issues with the vacuum, broom, mop, etc., as well as leash aggression around other dogs. Since then, Jake has received some extensive training and now has the tools he needs to help him cope with these issues. Jake will never be “cured”; however, he is an easy going, easily trainable dog who genuinely wants to please his humans. Jake will need a home with an experienced owner who is willing to take the time to continue his training. He is wonderful with older, respectful children who can understand his needs and help to reinforce his training. He just needs the right family to help him shine like the gem that he is. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on this terrific boy. You won’t regret it.