Finn - Adopted!

Hi: I’m Finn and I’m a 7-year old red short haired dachshund. My full name in Finnean but foster mom sometimes calls me Finnigan and I like that too. I came into rescue through no fault of our own with my sister, Haddie. I weigh 13 pounds and foster mom says my weight is about right. I am very sweet but I am shy when I first meet new people and will back away from your hand. However, I warm up to you quickly. I love to cuddle. If foster mom is working on the computer, I ask her to pick me up and I sleep in her arms like a baby. I sleep in my crate when foster mom is out but I bark when she comes home. I will also sleep in my crate at night but I would much rather be in the big bed with you and cuddle right up beside you. When it is a bit cool, I like to go under the covers. When we had the cool days in early August, I was shivering so foster mom found a sweater for me to wear and I stopped shivering. Foster mom is really happy that I am 100% house trained. I walk fairly well on a leash and I love to explore at the dog park.

I know sit and come and have learned some of foster mom’s special commands. I like to go for a car ride because it usually means we are going for a walk. I LOVE small respectful children and foster mom has had to come after me because I started to follow them. I will go up to a small child and give them kisses. I bark when people go by so an apartment is not a good place for me. Foster mom has 5 cats (yes, I said 5) and I tend to ignore them. I’m not quite sure what to do when some of the cats head butt me. I think it is such a strange thing to do to something.

I like to play with my sister but will tell off a big dog if they are bothering me. I’ve started to play with squeakies.

I’m looking for a home to call my own. It would be great if there was another canine friend but I could also be on my own if you will spend lots of time with me. It would be great if it could be my sister but I know adopting 2 dogs is difficult. I would love it if you had young respectful children.