Dash - Adopted!

Name: Dash
Age: 5 years old
Size: Tweenie – 15 lbs of Dachshund muscle
Coat: Red short hair
Temperament: Active, athletic, sweet, outgoing, protective, stubborn, alpha male, smart, and
did we mention handsome?
Good with Dogs: Yes – but prefers to be the man in charge
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids: Older
Special Needs: No
Housetrained: Yes.
Suitable for Apartment: Yes, as long as he is not left alone for more than 5 hours. Dash needs
regular exercise and stimulation otherwise he may become destructive of toys, pillows, dog
beds, etc. For families who work 8 or more hours per day, a dog walker would be necessary
to ensure Dash’s overall mental and physical well being and the safety of your stuffed
personal items.
Origin: Owner Surrender
Adoption Fee: $300

And now a few words from me:

Hello there! Oh my, don’t you look pretty/handsome today. Is that a new shirt you have on?
It sure does bring out the colour of your eyes. Please, let me introduce myself. My name is
Dash, which is short for Dashing Dapper Dachshund, but you can call me Dash since I am
sure we are going to be good pals in no time. I am a handsome and studdly short haired, red
male tweenie, who is looking for his perfect match. I enjoy long walks in the park, romantic
swims in the evenings and hiking on the weekends. I also appreciate the finer things in life
like good food, tasty drinking water, and quality bedding. I consider myself an athlete and take pride in my muscular physic, which I work hard on daily with rigorous walks or hikes, trips to the dog park, chasing squirrels or playing hours of my favourite sport, fetch. Without my regular exercise regime I become moody so it’s best that my new love be someone who has
the time and energy to keep up with me. I am a busy man, and while I do appreciate quality
snuggle time on the couch or in the big bed, I like to keep myself entertained with adventure,
thrills and excitement as well. If you insist on needing down time I do enjoy a good rawhide
every once in a while (read: every single day) and will happily chew my bone while you relax.
In addition to being fine-looking, because let’s be honest I am one manly stud, I am also fully
housetrained and crate trained. What can I say, my mother taught me well and baby, I am the
full package. Now of course, in the interest of getting to know each other, it is only fair that I
disclose a few of my quirks. To start with, you don’t get to be this handsome or manly without
being the alpha male, and I consider myself to be a King. This means I tend to be bossy
with other dogs and sometimes I try to push your buttons just because I can. However, this
shouldn’t be an issue because once you meet me you will see that I am pure doxie perfection
and everything your heart has ever desired in a dog.

Now a few words from my foster mom:

While Dash may consider himself to be Kingly, I can assure you that he is still a Prince in
training and is only learning what it means to be a true king. Like any adolescent prince,
Dash can be stubborn, bossy, and pushy when he wants to be. He needs a strong pack
leader to ensure that he knows the rules of the house and is made to follow them, otherwise
Dash will happily make his own rules. That being said, Dash is exceptionally smart and
responds to corrections like “no” or “down” extremely well. Like any typical teenager though
you may have to repeat yourself to get a response but he does hear you and is just pushing
his boundaries. In addition to being responsive to your commands, he also knows “sit”, “stay”,
“come”, and how to shake paws. He is fully housetrained and crate trained, but prefers to
sleep in the big bed at night with his family and to hang out in the x-pen while you are away
from home. Once Dash realizes that you’re the boss he will be putty in your hands and the
most loving little boy you’ll ever meet. He has big brown, soulful eyes that will melt your heart
and his sweet little wiener body makes him an excellent snuggler. In addition to being
handsome and full of character, Dash gets along well with other dogs and thoroughly enjoys their company as long as he gets to be the boss. If Dash wants something he will gladly take it from a doggy sibling without little regard to the consequences. However, he is learning to share in foster care and is doing very well. He currently lives with 4 other Dachshunds, one of which is also an alpha male, and aside from a few squabbles the two have been able to develop mutual respect for one another. Dash has managed to fit into the pack extremely well and enjoys the comradery of his foster siblings however he would also do well as an only dog as long as he had an active owner. Dash is an athletic dog with lots of youthful doxie energy. He loves going for long walks/hikes, swimming and being in the great outdoors. As a result, Dash needs a home that is equally active and won’t leave him alone for too long, as he becomes bored very easily which can lead to destructive chewing. Currently, when Dash is left alone for short periods of time he stays in an x-pen with his foster siblings and plenty of bones to chew and toys to play with. The perfect home for Dash would be a home that provides him with regular exercise, a strong pack leader and doesn’t leave him for long hours at a time. He is truly an exceptional dachshund and deserves only the absolute best that life can provide. If you are looking for handsome, athletic, cuddly, affectionate and smart than Dash is 100% than man you’ve been searching for.