Chrissy - Adopted!

Name(s): Chrissy (Christina)
Age: 8 years (July 12, 2007)

Size: 17 lbs
Coat: Short hair, brindle

Temperament: Sweet, loves to play with toys and squeakies

Good with Dogs: Yes – May take a few minutes to settle down when meeting a new dog

Good with Cats: Learned to leave them alone but still wants to chase them.
Good with Kids: Yes, but can be nippy if surprised so best with older respectful children.
Special Needs: Skin condition that is likely allergies. It is currently under control.
House trained: Yes

Suitable for an Apartment: Used to live in an apartment but barks at noises so may not be the best home.
Origin: Owner surrender

Adoption Fee: $300

I’m Chrissy and I’m looking forward to meeting you. Don’t let my frosty face fool you, I am 8 years young! Plus, I’m a unique and beautiful brindle girl – you don’t see my type all that often! I’ve always had white on my face and feet!

I’ve found myself back at foster mom’s because I could no longer go to work with my adopter and I was spending far too much time on my own. Foster mom was surprised that I remembered the routine at her house and I’m very happy here. However, I want to get a home of my own. I’m enjoying being with other my foster fur siblings and have sometimes played with them. If I don’t join in, I supervise their mouth wrestling and cheer them on (yes, I bark).

If you mention a walk or car ride and get my leash, I get excited. I have good car manners and I mostly sleep while you are driving. I don’t mind being crated especially because foster mom feeds me in my crate. However, I bark when I hear her coming home because I’m so excited to see her. At night, I sleep on my bed on the floor of your room. Foster mom let me on the big bed one morning and I just curled up in one of the donut beds and went back to sleep.

I love to give kisses and my tail is always wagging. I met some neat people at the dog park that gave me pats and ear rubs and I gave them kisses. I wasn’t too sure about their big dogs but after I realized they weren’t going to hurt me, I was okay. I don’t do well if I am surprised or overwhelmed by activities so I need someone who understands this and will always make sure I know you are coming. I’ll need you to introduce new people to me so I know they are okay.

I’m pretty independent and don’t ask to be picked up. If you pick me up, I’ll cuddle with you and even give you kisses. If you are busy, I’ll just go sleep in my crate or on a dog bed. My favourite bed is the big pillow kind. I haven’t cuddled with the resident dachshund although we did share a crate for a little while one day.

I’m mostly house trained. Sometimes, I’ll wake foster mom up to go outside overnight but occasionally she doesn’t hear me and I’ve had an accident in the house. I do best on a schedule.

I love squeaky toys and pulling the stuffing out of other toys. I was so excited one day that I got into a bit of a scrap with the resident dachshund when someone squeaked a squeaky toy, but I’ve learned I don’t need to fight to get a toy. I’ve also shown some interest in a ball, but I just follow it and I don’t pick it.

I have a skin condition that they think is allergies so I’ve started some medication to see if it will help. My skin was dry and flaky in places but oily in others. Foster mom tried a new shampoo on me and it seems to have helped. I like to roll in the grass. I need to lose another 4 to 6 pounds and I’ve already lost 2 pounds since I arrived at foster mom’s. I’m 6 pounds under my maximum weight so I feel so much better and I can even run a bit. I’ll stay with you in the kitchen hoping something will drop. I’ve started to play crazy games with foster mom. If she claps her hands, I’ll run around in a circle and come back for more.

I’m on my best behavior when I’ve been properly exercised and with a confident human leader. I also need a home with older respectful children and would do best with a fur sibling. If you think I might be the special girl you’re looking for, let’s meet!