Chloe - Adopted!

Name(s): Chloe
Age: 10 years old
Size (weight): 15 lbs
Coat & colour: Smooth, brown
Temperament: Sweet, polite, calm, food motivated, very smart.
Good with Dogs: yes
Good with Cats: unknown
Good with Kids: yes
Housetraining: Will sit patiently at door to go out. Will pee and poop on command.
Suitable for an Apartment: yes
Origin: Owner surrender
Adoption Fee: $250

And now a few words from me:

I have been a loyal and wonderful companion to my owner for ten years and then one day they were no longer able to care for me. I was very sad and confused when my foster mom brought me into her house with all these other dogs. The good news is that I am not sad anymore and I really like the companionship of the other wieners. There are some children
who come here and I love them so much. I love to sit on their laps and cuddle. I am told that I have a regal bearing and that I am very smart, but I just want to cuddle and give kisses. I love sleeping in the big bed and I don’t disturb anyone all night until it is time to get up in the morning to go outside. I hope in my new forever home, I can give another ten years of love and devotion to a new owner. I love men and women and can spread my kisses all around. When I have to go potty, I sit patiently at the door until someone lets me out but sometimes they don’t see me and I have to poop right at the door. It embarrasses me a lot and I hate to do it but a lady sometimes just has to go. If you tell me to pee or poop outside, I will. I am very respectful and gentle and would love to have someone play with me and snuggle with me forever.

And now a few words from my foster family:

Chloe is a lovely little girl and is extremely smart. I swear she understands conversational commands. She is very polite to the other dogs in the house and will wait patiently for her meals and her treats. She walks well on a leash and is getting less nervous about riding in the car. She is a very calm girl but will play fetch forever if you let her. She is the first doxie I have seen who plays gently with stuffed toys and doesn’t feel the need to destroy them. She gets along very well with children of any age as she apparently was raised in a home with children. Chloe has never displayed any aggression and is friendly and receptive to everyone she has met. When left in the house, with the run of the home, she quietly settles in somewhere and sleeps until you return. Chloe would be able to move into your home without any fuss and immediately become a member of your family. She has not needed any corrective training or issue resolution at all. She is a little girl who has been loved and well cared for and now just
needs someone to love her for the second part of her life. All the hard work has been done and now she just needs someone to be her companion.