Chilly - Adopted!

My name is Chilly, also known as Chilly-Billy Boy by my foster family. I am a spry 4 year old shorthair wiener and I weigh about 19 lbs. Must be true that muscle weighs more than fat!

I absolutely love the outdoors and am getting really good with this leash thing (if I do say so myself). What do I love about the outside you ask ? Well I love squirrels, birds, and groundhogs of course! So true to my dachshund heritage I am a hunter by heart. I am not good with cats – actually I think I am good with cats but it turns out they don’t like to be considered prey. I am now enjoying being with other dogs. I am mostly housetrained but I have been know to have the odd accident. I am not a fan of rainy or cold weather. Again, I am such a dachshund!

I am presently being crate trained. Although I am not destructive in the house when left alone, crating helps me chill out and enjoy my foster home. I used to think I needed to guard the whole house and I found that was way too much responsibility for me to handle. I sleep either in my basket at the bedside, but have now been enjoying the comfort of the human bed with the colder weather. I do whine a little but it’s my way of communicating with my human. I love people! I love their hugs and kisses and I especially love when they have treats. I will do almost anything for a tasty treat.

How do I feel about meeting strangers? I will bark at new people but if they just let me sniff them I will start to wag my tail and ask for cuddles! Not sure about kids to be honest so I probably shouldn’t go to a home with small children.

Thanks for learning about me. Can’t wait to meet you!