Cachou & Canelle

Cachou & Canelle - Adopted!

Name(s): Cachou and Canelle
Age: 5 years
Size (weight): 23-25 pounds
Coat & colour: Short hair brindle and English cream
Temperament: Sweet, affectionate. Canelle can be nippy if surprised or scared.
Good with Dogs: Some dogs
Good with Cats: Not tested
Good with Kids: No
Housetraining: Mostly trained
Suitable for an Apartment: No
Origin: Owner surrender to a shelter
Adoption Fee: $450

And now a few words from us:

Hi! We are Cachou, a bouncy English cream standard boy who is full of energy, and Canelle, a somewhat timid standard brindle girl who is also full of energy. Together we made a sweet duo! We were surrender by our owner to a shelter, so there isn’t too much information about us, but we are definitely a bonded pair!

We have done well meeting people, but it has to be at our own pace. We don’t like to be pressured, and Canelle can get nippy if surprised or scared, so we wouldn’t do well in a home with kids. We like to bark when we hear strange noises, or when new people come to the door, but we’re pretty quick to quiet down.

We’ve been good with most other dogs we’ve met, but will occasionally growl or snap at other dogs – including one another. We like to go for car rides and walks and do quite well, but do pull on the leash sometimes.

Our ideal home would be with an experienced owner who can be firm when needed, and help us gain confidence in situations where we are still nervous. We are sweet and like to cuddle. Canelle likes foster dad a lot, while Cachou will seek attention from anyone willing to pet him!

And now a few words from our foster family:

Cachou is the more outgoing tail-wagging type, while Canelle hangs back to observe. Cash does growl a bit, but it is more noise than action. They do occasionally growl at other dogs, especially when toys or food are involved, but are improving slowly.

They can occasionally be submissive and when Canelle is nervous or scared, she may snap at your hand. She can be nervous when touching her collar or trying to put on a leash, so she needs a bit of patience when going outside. Once the leash is on, she is fine and ready to go. They have lots of energy and need a lot of exercise!

Cash and Canelle have been doing well with housetraining, but we still have an occasional accident. They are crate-trained and stay in the crate while we are out and for sleeping at night. They have some separation anxiety and will bark when left in the crate, so they wouldn’t do well in an apartment setting.

They are a very sweet pair, who, with some patience and training, will be perfect dogs for the right person.