Buddy - Adopted!

Name: Buddy
Age: 7.5
Size (weight): 9.75 lbs
Coat & colour: Longhair, shades of red with black
Temperament: a bit shy with new people and situations but quickly adjusts; very affectionate and happy.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown but quite possibly yes; he does not seem to have a high prey drive. When his foster siblings go crazy at the appearance of feral cats in the yard he ignores them.
Good with Kids: Older only
Housetraining: A work in progress, especially with a routine. It helps to have another dog as he sniffs where they have gone and then he does the same.
Suitable for an Apartment: probably not, he has learned to bark at all sorts of noises
Origin: Ontario
Adoption Fee: $300

Hello everyone, my name is Buddy! Not so long ago I won the lottery. No, not a million dollars, something even better! CDRO saved me from a dreadful life in a kennel where things were often difficult. Now I am in a wonderful home lapping up more love and affection then I ever dreamt existed. Who knew?! Clean, soft beds and blankets, abundant fresh water, and my own food dish. I even get yummy crunchies treats twice a day! See, I told you it was better than a million dollars.
Life is fantastic now. I have discovered toys and run all over the house with a couple of my favourite stuffed ones – I like nylabones too. Right after I arrived here foster mom took me to a spa where I received a much overdue haircut but now my fur is growing back – velvety soft and thick, luxurious and snuggly. I love being outside in the yard and run all over the place sniffing and playing with my foster siblings. It’s weird though, when I find something gross to roll on foster mom doesn’t seem too happy, wonder why?
Snoozing in the sunshine on the deck is great too. I can be a bit shy with new people and situations, but with patience and time I can overcome this. I am learning to walk on a leash and every day I improve a bit. I LOVE to snuggle with my human and adore being hugged and petted. Sometimes I roll over on my back to get a chest and tummy rub. If you adopt me I will live up to my name and be your best buddy forever, I promise!
And now a few words from my foster family:
Buddy is a happy, sweet little guy. It has been rewarding to see him blossom from a scared, sad dog to become a loving, beautiful boy. His confidence grows every day. When he runs he is so cute; his little legs are just a blur. His activity level, youthfulness and puppy-like demeanor belie his 7.5 years. He loves to be outside exploring the yard. His house training is still a work in progress but is going very well. He is very affectionate and would happily spend all his time snuggled next to his human. He gets along well with both male and female dogs. Buddy is quite clever and learns by example. Early attempts at leash walking were not so successful, but that has changed; he mostly prances along sniffing and exploring his surroundings. Buddy sleeps through the night in his crate beside the big bed. He welcomes every morning with joy, happiness, and an ever wagging tail. He will be a wonderful companion and a loyal pet for a very lucky person. Could that be you?