Bella - Adopted!

Name(s): Bella
Age: 8 years old
Size (weight): 5.4 kg/12 lbs
Coat & colour: Red with cream frosting
Temperament: Sweet, but shy and insecure
Good with Dogs: Loves small dogs – needs a proper introduction to larger dogs.
Good with Cats: Yes, after proper introduction
Good with Kids: Older children only
Housetraining: Housebroken when kept on a schedule
Suitable for an Apartment: No – can be quite vocal
Origin: Owner surrender
Adoption Fee? $300.00

And now a few words from me:

Hi there! I’m Bella, a petite, pretty little red short-haired girl. Don’t let my frosty face fool you – I’m 8 years young and up for just about anything. I’m happy going for a walk with you (although I could stand to learn some leash manners, but hey, what dachshund couldn’t?), but I’m just as happy to curl up next to you and snooze the day away. I love to burrow under the blankets and I’m so small and still that sometimes my foster mom can’t find me! It’s like my very own game of hide-and-seek! During the day while my foster mom is at work, I hang out in my x-pen with my 2 foster siblings so I will be safe and can stay out of trouble. If I have too much room to explore, I may have an accident – but when I’m in my x-pen, I am good for the whole day! At night I will sleep in my crate, but I would always prefer to sleep in the big bed if you’ll let me. I don’t take up much room – I just curl up into a little ball and don’t even move until morning. I get pretty excited at breakfast time – it’s my favourite time of the day. I love to run and play in the backyard with my friends, and every day I’m learning new things. I would love to go to a home with another fur sibling for me to spend my days with – my foster mom says socialization and play are really important for me. Do you think you have a little time and patience for a sweet girl like me? I sure hope so, because as much as I love it here, I can’t wait to meet my very own forever family.

And now a few words from my foster family:

Bella is a sweet, cuddly, petite little girl. She can be nervous and unsure of herself around new people until she gets to know you, but once you’ve earned her trust, your lap is where she would always prefer to be. Bella has lived with another small dog in the past, and a home with another dog is a MUST for this girl. She enjoys spending time cuddling with her fur-siblings. However, she will need some on-going work with her socialization. She wants to play with the other dogs in the house, and does exhibit bouts of playfulness, but will stop and look to you to see if she is doing it right. Cultivating a couple of favourite games together would be a real confidence and relationship builder. Bella also needs a slow and proper introduction to larger dogs as she is fearful of them, and her fear can seem like aggression. When she first came to live with us, she didn’t get along with our big dog; she would bark and snap at him, and was resource guarding her humans when he was around. After deploying some training tips and consistently correcting any unwanted behavior, the two of them are now the best of friends. She listens well, corrects well, and really just wants to please you. Bella’s new person or family must be committed to working with her in a kind and consistent manner. You will be rewarded with a wonderful, well-behaved, happy little girl who simply loves to be loved.