Bella - Adopted!

Name(s): Bella
Age: 3.5 years old
Size (weight): 13 lbs.
Coat & colour: Black, tan and white
Temperament: Timid, shy, unsure, loving and bonds quickly once trust has been established
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Tolerates a cat when meeting it, but unknown how she would be living with one. She met three cats whom she smelled and was curious about, but didn’t display any aggressive behaviour towards them.
Good with Kids: Unsure of kids and strangers; will bark at new people but is easily redirected if new person gets down to her level sideways and offers food.
Needs another Dog: No; could live with another calmer respectful dog who can play appropriately with her.
Needs to be an only Dog: No; could live with another calmer respectful dog who can play appropriately with her.
Housetraining: Yes
Suitable for an Apartment: Likely too barky for an apartment; she will bark at most sounds she hears but is easily quieted if someone is there to shush her.
Origin: Owner surrender
Adoption Fee? $400.00

And now a few words from me:
Hi folks, I’m Bella and I’m a sweet Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund cross). I’m 3 years old and have lived a very sheltered life until now. My previous owners were unsure of to deal with my timid nature and phobias, so they ceased walking me and exposing me to things in the real world. As I got older, my fears got the best of me, but now I’m learning how to be brave and deal with the world. I have met dozens of new dogs and live with several dogs. One of my best buddies is a border collie. I enjoy dogs my own size a little more, but can tolerate larger, older dogs if they are calm. I tend to warm up to men a little more quickly than women but I am extremely food-motivated and am learning that strangers who have treats for me aren’t so bad at all! I enjoy going for walks when I’m all bundled up in my toasty warm coat. If I see something scary, my foster mom tells me to be brave and works me through it. With her help, I’m slowly gaining some confidence! When I hear sounds outside I will bark a bit, and sometimes I bark when people come in the house, so an apartment may not be ideal for me. I know how to come when called, and can go into my “house” (crate) when asked. In fact, I love my crate and can nest like a true dachshund! I can also sit pretty! Spooning is one of my favourite activities, as is chewing on appropriate bones and playing with (destuffing!) toys. I’m looking for the perfect home to call my own, with a family that will continue to build my confidence and expose me to all that the world has to offer. I hope someone out there will give me a chance to shine and be my best self! Remember, I’m Bella and I am beautiful!

And now a few words from my foster family:
Bella, aka Bellini, Bells, and Belly, is a wonderful little girl. She is afraid of the world, but only due to lack of exposure. She has never known ill will or cruelty, just a little too much privilege and affection at the wrong times in life, presumably causing her to act out when she didn’t want to do something. Bella is completely housetrained and crate-trained, and she loves to hang out in her crate with the door open. She comes when called, but can be sneaky, so she should always be supervised in the yard. She walks well on her harness and prefers her harness to the neck collar. She lives with other dogs in her foster home and meets dogs daily at the kennel where her foster mom works. She is amazing with the other dogs. She is occasionally afraid of being stepped on by big rambunctious dogs, and will squeak like a mouse, so her ideal pet partner should be calmer or smaller, and be able to share space well. In general, Bella is a pretty quiet girl, but she will bark when people come in the house or when she hears noises outside. She is easily quieted though and when meeting new people responds best to them getting low to her level and offering food first, instead of being petted. Overall Bella is a wonderful little companion who is game for anything, and with proper guidance and exposure, she will continue to flourish. She has been to several family events and meets new people and dogs daily. She is very unsure of children, so a home with older kids (over 12) who can understand her behavioural needs would be ideal, or a quieter couple without children.