Barclay - Adopted!

Hello world,

My name is Barclay and I am a rarity in the world of CDR. I am a 6 year old, black and tan standard wiener weighing about 26 lbs. I’ve heard that it isn’t very often the wiener rescue gets a dog my size. Hope you are excited!

My family gave me up because the new toddler and I were having issues. You know how toddler’s are – I am pretty laid back and tried really hard but there is only so much tail pulling, skin grabbing toddler antics a wiener can handle. So I ended up in my crate – alot. I just want to be clear though about what happened. I never bit the toddler. But now that I am in my foster home I am starting to act that like the care-free dog I used to be.

I love other dogs and am currently living with other wieners. They share their toys with me and I am loving it! I don’t have any food or toy aggression and I will happily sleep all night in my crate. But I sure won’t say no if you want to invite me into the big bed each night.

So, I have a small “fault” (if you can even call it that). And it isn’t like anyone is actually perfect. I don’t do well if I am lazily sleeping away and you sneak up on me. I guess I am a really deep sleeper and because of my previous experiences, I get a little scared if you wake me up suddenly. Okay, so maybe I have two. I also don’t love having my feet cleaned.

But back to all the great things about me. I love my adult humans and I love the outdoors. If I could have a home with a man, another dog or two and no children I could live out the rest of my years a happy, happy wiener. I like woman too but my favourite is my foster dad.

If this sounds like you and your family please email so we can hang out!

Love Barclay!