Adoption Fees

Adoption fees range in age, from puppy to senior:


puppies up to one year ~ $500.00
over one year to four years ~ $400.00
over four years to six years ~ $350.00
over six years to ten years ~ $300.00
ten years and over ~ $250.00

Here at CDRO we sure do agree that two wieners are better than one!  We will consider an adjusted adoption fee for our bonded pairs.


We are often asked about our adoption fees and what the fee covers (especially with puppies whose fees are the highest). Did you know that our puppies come fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered? In addition to being adorable, their major veterinarian costs at the beginning of their life are taken care of. Please consider giving a loving home to one of our puppies today!

Save a Senior (Wiener)

CDRO’s save a senior program matches dogs that are 10 years of age or older with adopters who are 65 and older.

senior to senior program adoption fee ~ $150.00

Your adoption fee includes:

Health check and treatment as required
Up-to-date rabies and vaccinations if required
Spay and neuter if required
Heartworm prevention